One of the best strategy games on the SNES, this is also my favorite of the RTK series.

User Rating: 9 | San Goku Shi IV SNES
Train and take into combat various types of troops. Organize your army into units with various leaders, including combat commanders and advisers. When playing this against a friend, the depth of strategic options makes it tense and challenging. Combat is divided into separate sections, such as field battle, sieges, and the final battle once having broken through the gates. The computer AI could also give you a hard time if you selected a weak starting position, but the best way to enjoy the beauty of this game was multiplayer. The RTK story and characters is engrossing, adding a role playing aspect to this wargame as you chart your leader's progress in controlling China through wars, alliances, and betrayals. There are plenty of scenarios to keep your interest for many hours. Alternative endings for the various leaders can be fun to seek out. The music is oriental and enjoyable also.