Patience and understanding of what u're doing is highly required in order to have fun.

User Rating: 8.2 | San Goku Shi IV SNES
Romance of the 3 Kingdoms has come a long way. From its actual war accounts in 210 AD, till its novelization in 1423 AD, and until now in which Koei makes the novel into a video game. Well, for starters, this game is a turn based strategy/RPG where you play as a warlord trying to unite China under your banner. You do so by developing your cities, training armies, diplomacy and sabotage. The amount of fun you get from this game depends on your ability to be able to use all of the set skills in the menus. Gameplay : I gave it a 7/10 because of the lag time between selection menus. I did put into consideration that this is an SNES game, but still, RoTK 2 had faster loading menus then this. Aside from the controls, the AI wasn't that smart either, so I personally found the game pretty easy for an RoTK.

Graphics : 8/10. Pretty good graphics for an SNES game. It was pretty amusing to see your generals having ugly mug shots.

Sound : 5/10. I'm sorry, but the sound on this game annoyed me. Value : 9/10. The value of this game depends on each person, but i find it to be worth my 800 wii points. I personally have fun with it, especially knowing the fact that i'm in command of Guan Yu and being able to ulter history by killing Cao Cao early on in the game.

Tilt : 10/10. What can i say, this is, in my honest opinion, the game that depicts one of the most well recorded histories of the world. A history where deception, loyalty, and war run vampant. Alright, for those who have never played an RoTK before, try this one out before you spend around 30-40 bucks on the newest one (RoTK 11)