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User Rating: 8.6 | Roberta Williams' Phantasmagoria PC
Phantasmagoria is a point and click horror-adventure. It was a very innovative game for it's time. It combines real footage with computer effects. The game has a great soundtrack and a story that is interesting, but not too difficult to understand so it serves the gameplay well. You play as Adrienne Delaney, a young woman who just moved into a mansion with her husband Don. Little does she know about the mansion's dark past and after a while Don starts acting peculiar...
As you progress through the chapters of the game things start getting gorier, stranger and more violent as Adrienne tries to save her life. there are some glitches in the game and the special effects are sometimes bad, but it's an old game., it has a lot of charm and there just aren't that many horror-adventures around. Even after all this time it's still the best in it's genre. As an adventure it's not too difficult and very playable. As a horror story it's great , it doesn't try to be funny and it has a couple of great scenes. There also is a phantasmagoria 2, but i never played because my computer was not powerful enough at the time and i hear it's not as good as this one, as is usually the case with horror sequels.