If you like horror, you cant skip on this one

User Rating: 9 | Roberta Williams' Phantasmagoria PC
I wont go long in detail about this game, but what I want to say is this is the scariest game I ever played. I think its scarier than any movie too.

The story and idea of it sends shivers in my spine. In the year of release this game was something else, it was really innovative for me.

I want to say the downside to this game is its made from 7 cd i believe, but if you know what you have to do I think you can run through each CD in 5 minutes, so the idea is to explore and enjoy the mood and experience and not run through it.

I really thought it was creepy and its not using just stupid zombies and ugly stupid figures with 5 eyes and two noses to scare you. It really has scary feeling to it in the mood of the story. I will say its a lot like playing the lead character in a horror novel if you ask me.

What i promise is that this game gives you a very unique experience that You will not find somewhere else, at least this how it was back in 1995.