Ristar should have been a Sega Mascot but wasn't perfect as Sonic back in the 90's.

User Rating: 9 | Ristar: The Shooting Star GEN
Not many people have played or heard of Ristar because it was one of those games that was on it's stand before Sega stopped making Sega Mega Drive games.
Like other platformers somthing evil takes over and there's only one charcter who has to save the world at least. Story begins with an evil space pirate, Greedy who has corrupted the kings of Valdi System's seven planets and enslaved the people who live there. The plea for a herois answered by Ristar who uses his amazing extendable arms and courage to save Valdi from Greedy.

Gameplay= Like other platformers such as Sonic, Alex Kidd or Klonoa you get across level to reach the end of the level 2 stages on each planet like planet name Zone1 then Zone 2 would have a boss battle pending on how hard they are to beat. Ristar can use his arms to strech and can grab enimies, you would have to hold the buttons in order to grab on to a ladder. There a few puzzles that are fun but some can be a pain in the neck to do specially if your on a hard level.

Graphics and Sound= The graphics look really well done in 2D like other 2D games that have effect such as Sonic games which you have probably played before in your life if you havn't you'd be bit fool not liking old 2D games on old consoles like the Mega Drive or NES. Very colourful and imaginative details on each of the 7 planets. Sounding has a good line on music and effects that you have heard before in other games or flash games on the internet.

Overall= A great game for anyone who still owns a mega drive it can be found on collection plus games on PS2 or Xbox. It can take a few hours to beat the game, but I still think that Ristar should have been a Sega Moscot if aload of people had payed more attenion to Ristar in stead of Sonic, but it sounds like that Ristar is one of those games that nobody will ever hear again.