I could only believe after I spent the Points.

User Rating: 10 | Ristar: The Shooting Star GEN

This game came to me as the greatest shock after I bought my Wii. This game had always been a cult-favorite of old-school Sega fans, such as myself. I had never expected Ristar to be chosen as a Virtual Console release. But, boy, am I glad it was.

Ristar is a wonderful classic, and an awesome addition to the Wii's VC Library. Most nothing was changed about this game from the original: same fun music, colorful graphics, everything! This is such an incredible game. Just a few things that could have been changed; minor control issues. It's hard to grab stuff while jumping in mid-air, but the same went for the old game. I just wish it was a little bit easier to control the direction of Ristar's attacks. Also, the voice used every now and then for Ristar's character sounds like it's been put through a blender, and "Play with me" begins to sound like "Pchhwaiy witch wee!?" Other than the infrequent voice problems and a very easy to grow out of control issue, this game is absolutely incredible. Plus, with the Virtual Console's added Save State feature, you no longer have to beat the entire game in one sitting! Just an added bonus!