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User Rating: 4 | BioHazard: Gun Survivor (CapKore) PS
Resident Evil

it is a name that has struck fear, joy, and fun into the hearts of gamers over the years. it is definitely one of the more fun and challenging franchises that has definitely made a name for itself in years past, so why ruin it?

RE: Survivor doesn't keep any of the elements that made the original RE and all of its sequels fun.

First, it ditches the fixed camera angles that made the original games suspensful and replaces them with a crappy first person view that isn't very satisying at all. You cannot see your weapon and there is no light gun compatibility. To make this worse, the movement of the enemies and the creatures on screen is very slow and, at times, choppier than a butcher's knife.

Second, Capcom got rid of all the challenging puzzles and eerie situations found in the other RE games and has tried to replace them with striaght up action. But the gameplay just doesn't mach up. Your character runs ridiculously slow, you cannot shoot while you're running, and there are no save points anywhere in the game. That's right, no save points. you just play this game straight through, it takes around two hours or less; and then you're done with it, forever. This game is a huge letdown.

Third, the sound is what you can expect from RE, but the game is just so dumb that the sound just seems more like a terrible annoyance, rather than some occaisional chessy lines.

And fourth, this game has absolutely nothing to do with the main storyline of Resident Evil. It is simply a stupid side story that carries no value and is never spoken of again in the RE universe.

In the end, RE survivor is a complete waste and a huge letdown that no RE fan (or gamer in general) should have to put up with.

Just don't play it.