Too short

User Rating: 5.8 | BioHazard: Gun Survivor (CapKore) PS
Compared to the other Resident Evil games, this has poor graphics, less scary monsters, less challenging game-play and less... well, just less. Does this mean that the game is bad? No. It just means that is less than what you'd expect from a typical Resident Evil game. And that seems to be more than enough reason to write it completely off for many RE fans, it would seem. Let me make one thing completely clear; in my life, I doubt I've spent more than a few hours of gaming time playing any of the RE games. I don't care much for them. The camera angles often work directly against you, posing more of a threat to your safety than the walking dead around you. The door opening animations break the intensity and lower the pace. The aiming is painfully and unnecessarily hard. Because of my general dislike of the RE games, I enjoyed this game. Quite a lot, actually. The story may not be terribly original, but it keeps the game fairly interesting. The game contains tidbits of information about the other in the series, about their time-line and the events which took place. Not awfully interesting to me, but I'm sure most RE-fans will enjoy reading them and piecing the whole story together. There's even an attempt or two at tying this game and its story into the regular RE franchise. The game-play is somewhat unique(well, not anymore... but I believe this game was the first of its kind) in combining the genres of first-person shooter and light-gun shooter. Of course, US players will have to import this game from Europe in order to use it with a light gun... but that's a small price to pay. Control is highly entertaining with the light gun; you point at the screen, you shoot, you point away, you move. This is surprisingly easy to master, and you'll wonder how you ever enjoyed a shoot-em-up game without the light gun. If you don't have/don't want a light gun, the controller control is fine, too. If you hold down R1, you can fire. Release it, and you can move. Moving is as simple and easy as any other first person console game... the controller isn't really made for it, and you'll miss your keyboard and mouse... but it's fine. Sound is pretty good; from what I understand, if you use headphones, you'll be able to hear where the zombies' moaning is coming from... very cool. Graphics are fair, but not impressive compared to the other games. The game has far less emphasis on puzzle solving than shooting than the other RE games. Pretty logical, considering the first person camera and the fact that you can control it with a light gun. It's not really about survival either, the game is incredibly easy... it's just about shooting, and finding out exactly what has happened(not that it's particularly hard). The shooting isn't as entertaining as, say, the House of the Dead games, where you can actually blow the zombies apart, but it's quite good nonetheless. The freedom of movement is pretty good. The game is very easy(you can beat it on your first try without much of an effort) and pretty short. I beat it in about an hour and a half, and you can't really spend much more. There's no in-game save feature, but it's really not necessary. The only thing you can save is how many guns you picked up. That's one of my favorite things about the game; there are plenty of different routes to go through it. There are three full ways to go. Each has a different piece of the story and some enemies and areas the other ones don't(though one of them is pretty lame). Each one has a gun to collect, too. As such, there are four main guns... one you start out with, the other three you pick up... and they all have unlimited ammo. Obviously, you have to beat the game at least three times, each time going a different route to get all of them. Not much replay value apart from the three routes, though. The voice acting is just bad. The writing and dialog is painfully poor. Fair shooting game. I recommend it to fans of shooting games. Fans of Resident Evil should think twice before playing this, as it's barely even a game that belongs in the franchise.