yea SO not as bad as you guys say

User Rating: 7.4 | BioHazard: Gun Survivor (CapKore) PS
i know what your thinking right now, your thinkin im a full out resident evil love.... well your right i would take a bullet in the chest to let Resident evil stay how it is but this game isnt all that bad.
i mean i hated not beign able to save beccause then you had to play for a long ass time i normally like to take breaks every so often to let my hand rest since im such a beast at killin zombies but thats ok with me ... however i am pissed that they only give you 5 retrys i hated that **** and the fact that the graphics were set up poorly on like som wack backround is like wow..
but other then that the story line is ok and the monsters i think are kinda cool, i like the gameplay and the setup of it but it couldve defintly been better especiall if you coiuld use a light gun.
so ok but defintaly no where neer gooooooooood as others./