Resident evil 6... oh dear where do i begin with this ?

User Rating: 5 | Resident Evil 6 PC
My review is for the people who haven't played any other RE game and just want to buy a fun Zombie game

Graphics: The Character models are highly detailed and the production values for this game is AAA and PC version is probably the best version because you can max up the graphics&FPS.

Gameplay: Well turns out this is a mixed bag overall you may or may not enjoy it.

> The camera is not centered its either to the very left or very right because you always have a partner with yourself

> Lots&lots of scripted events continuous QTE's and bad lighting can lead to annoyance

>The Gunplay is more freelancer you can jump dodge and strafe and move freeely while doing so

And most of the time the game is just linear so linear that you'd find it hard to even move freely.

I personally as a fan of survival horror games can guarantee you that this is far from being one itself

Sound: Well its very underwhelming and forgettable voice acting is decent

Story: I'll just go straight to the point and say this story is made by zombies its total rubbish it makes the crappy Paul W.S Anderson movies look works of Shakespeare.

Conclusion:Well if this is the type of game you want then go buy this you will enjoy its stupid braindead fun its an average 3rd person shooter.