What a waste of a game. Broken, boring, unplayable, unpolished and utterly un-enjoyable.

User Rating: 2 | Resident Evil 6 PC
What went wrong here? Well, everything.

The gameplay, arguably the most important part of most if not any game, is broken. The camera, which was allegedly fixed shortly after the console release, is still broken. Basically, it jerks you around every time you are trying to do anything. When you are running, the camera pulls back and views everything from the low vantage point. Basically, it makes you NOT see your surroundings pretty well. When you try to melee someone, it pulls your forward and then in all different directions.

Another thing, Dead Space 3 introduced the roll option. I barely used it and didn't like it much. DS2 worked perfectly fine without it. However, all you needed to do was use your WSAD keys along with the SPACE key to pick which way you wanted to roll. Pretty easy. Not in this game. If you want to roll left, click Z. If you want to roll right, click C. If you want to roll back, click X. If you want to roll/slide forward, click 2. Convenient, huh? Don't bother using it, because when you divert one of your fingers to try to roll left or right you will expose yourself to harm by not being able to use WSAD effectively because you only have 5 fingers.

I also had to turn brightness all the way up. Why? Well, evidently folks at CAPCOM were creating this game for consoles without PC in mind. So when you are walking in a dark environment and looking straight you see that 'dark fog' slowly lifting up revealing everything (like in the good old days on PS1). THEN, all of a sudden you see a zombie 3 feet away that jumps you. WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY?

Should I mention there are re-spawning enemies in most areas? Should I mention how frustrating it is when you try to make a pathway for your partner but the enemies keep respawning behind you while your partner is running out of bullets since it takes good 10-15 to turn that wheel and lower the bridge? Hell, they also have respawning enemies on a falling airplane!
Also, two people pushing a 20 ton rock boulder?

Yeah, Count me out.

One of the most annoying things in this game is the jumping zombies. Yeah, one second they are slowly walking towards you and another moment they are flying towards you with their arms open. Then they knock you down which is when you have to press WSAD keys all over the place to get them off. However, while doing so your health will STILL DRAIN. Oh, and another thing about health. This is how you heal. You first combine green and red herbs by pressing R in the small menu, when you figure out how to do that you have to look at the bottom right to see how many pills you have. The amount of pills = the amount of health bars. If you want to use it then click 1 three times. Yeah, I know, it's totally idiotic. Try to figure that out during battle. Better yet, try to figure out how to use the spray quickly. 4 hours into the game and I still had trouble healing myself quickly because the menus ARE CLUNKY AND BROKEN.

There are so many other negatives in this games. The more I played it, the worse it got. I thought about RE5 and just how much more superior it was to this game. RE5 graphics were better for one thing and that was 5 years ago. RE5 had directx10, a semi-bearable story, better refined gameplay, cool environments, decent textures, worked out physics (shooting with a shotgun actually meant 3-4 zombies flying back), plenty of hidden treasures, etc. Each enemy required some kind of accuracy and finesse. In RE6 however you just punch zombies to death, and even THAT doesn't always work. If you have one health left your punches don't mean a thing and your screen flashes constantly with the white and red vomit inducing in-nauseating glow. And when you or your partner gets knocked down your screen flashes for 2 seconds with white and red so that you can't see anything. THEN, right after that you try to figure out who exactly got knocked down, your partner or you? I KID YOU NOT.

Btw. why does Ada Wong look Caucasian? She definitely did a nose job. Perhaps Capcom was hoping to attract more Western players or something?

Oh, did I also mention that cutscenes during boss battles don't leave you immune from small enemies? Yeah. Let's say you are fighting a boss and then they show a mid-battle cutscene, you WILL get hurt by a nearby zombie during that time.

One of the mistakes they made is give you the ability to punch, kick and kick in mid air after running (Like in Double Dragon). Which is a yet another insult to the series. Another mistake is giving you the ability to punch ANYTIME you want, and not just when there is a dazzled foe in front of you. So you may just end up spamming the punch button all over the place until you basically clubber the zombie into the oblivion. If you do a finishing move and there is a zombie that's swinging a shovel at you then you WILL get hit right after your finishing move.

There's no more $ that you collect and use towards purchasing weapons and upgrades anymore. Noooo, they scrapped all that. Now you pick up "skill points" after slain enemies and then and then and then....Oh that's right, when do I use those skill points towards upgrading my character? Umm, NEVER in the game. (I was playing on the highest difficulty so maybe that's why, but regardless). You have to quit the game and go into main menu, click campaign and then click SKILL POINTS. And then you have about 30 skills or perks to buy and upgrade and only 3 SLOTS to put them in. This is useless. You can't buy any weapons, you will find a few extra though but you will still be using your main beginning pistols for most of the campaign.

Anyways, I am sure more things will come up. I just can't think of every single idiotic point about this game so I will keep updating this review.

I don't know what else to say. I felt a lot of hate from Capcom. I felt that I was being punished for something. It seems like they made this installment simply because it was that time to make another RE game.