Throw enough sh*t on the wall, and something has to stick, right? Right...?

User Rating: 4 | Resident Evil 6 PC
After the great Resident Evil 5 (yes, I actually really liked it), Resident Evil 6 blew it big time. Almost every aspect of it is worse. The graphics are worse with awful textures, the sound is worse with overacting and weak weapon sounds, the story is worse with terrible dialogue and plot holes I could ram a train through, and the gameplay is worse with QTE's replacing actual gameplay, often impact-less weapons, awful aiming, and terrible movement controls. Oh, and the camera constantly gets in the way too. And the inventory sucks. And the scripting is bad, even in the cutscenes. And it smells funny.

The game as a whole has no direction, they really just tried to cram as much sh*t in as possible, in the hopes that there should be something for everyone. Well, I'm telling you now, when I want action I play CoD, when I want horror I play Dead Space, when I want stealth I play Splinter Cell and when I want QTE's, I'll shoot myself.