It's a classy package and certainly the best Raving Rabbids game yet but please, we don't need any more.

User Rating: 8 | Rayman Raving Rabbids: TV Party WII
What has Ubisoft done to Rayman? In the space of three years he's gone from being a platform hero to a grumpy old man. Of course he has good reason to be annoyed. The fact that he's got no limbs and a rubbish haircut must be a constant niggle but it's the rise to fame of the Rabbids that must be a real kick in the teeth.

Honestly, they might as well drop Rayman from the title of the game for everyone now knows that the Rabbids are the stars of the show here.
They deserve to be stars, too. With their brilliant "Bwaaaah" catchphrase and amusing spoofs of film and TV shows, they are some of the funniest videogame characters around and are truly deserving of their own game. We'd much rather spend time with these little chaps than Rayman and his mates even if, essentially, it means playing a load of mini-games.

Name Of The Game
This time the Rabbids have invaded Rayman's TV and it all begins brilliantly when we see the Rabbids standing inside the TV, messing with the brightness and volume settings while occasionally letting off a fart. All very childish but quite amusing for anyone who appreciates toilet humour. Then you have to create your own TV schedule by playing mini-games. Each game will fill one of seven slots on a schedule and you have to complete each one to unlock the next slot before moving onto the next day. In between, Rayman will turn up and mope around like an angry pensioner who's annoyed that Gardener's World has been cancelled in favour of the football.

It's all presented beautifully and the way some of the games parody popular TV shows and films is quite funny. So you've got Prison Fake, a game where you have to pump the Remote to make your Rabbid speed through tunnels before other bunnies. Then there's Pimp My Rabbid, a game where you have to accessorise your Rabbid according to vague instructions such as making your Rabbid hairy and sexy. Fail and you'll be egged.

Yet underneath all this flash TV-style presentation lies another Rabbids mini-game compilation, only this time many of the games are playable with the Balance Board. So you'll be standing on the Board and shifting your weight to direct flames in Rabzilla, dancing along to Acceptable In The '80s and sitting on it to race through the snow. Most of the games are superior to those in Wii Fit but the fact that you can play them with just the Remote and Nunchuk makes it all feel a bit gimmicky.

Party Poopers
Most of the mini-games are good but really, unless you've got a bunch of mates to play this with, you won't really enjoy Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party as it is easy to blast through the mini-games and fill your TV schedule. Also, as you work through the schedules in solo mode you'll realise that many of the games are repeated and some are just variations on games we played in Raving Rabbids 2. However, with friends it can be enjoyable, as you shake your Remotes furiously to be the last man standing in Rabbid Wrestling and see who can fry and bat the most steaks into a Moose's mouth.

Yet while it's undeniably very funny at times, inventive and the best Rayman Raving Rabbids game yet, it is difficult to see how you will persuade anyone over the age of 12 to jump on board. TV Party is a fun game that younger gamers will enjoy goofing around on with their friends and family. However, because most of the games don't require a great deal of skill, it's hard to see the seasoned gamer parting with £35 for what is, essentially, just another mini-game compilation that will struggle to hold your attention once you've filled the schedule.