Ubisoft does it again.

User Rating: 8 | Rayman Raving Rabbids: TV Party WII
More psycotic sillyness, Wii motion, and fart jokes. This 2nd party party game never gets old.

Today, Cloudkirby staves off insanity to review Rayman Raving Rabbids, TV party.

Once again Rayman is caught in conflict with the deranged, psycotic, and positively insane bunnie invaders, the Rabbids. While chasing Rayman down (which i will not describe in detail, see it for yourself) They get transported inside his TV. Once inside, they take it upon themselves to drive Rayman completely insane(In-law style).

What's odd about this storyline is that Rayman is thrown into the antagonist position where it's your job to help the rabbids, not stop them. Plus, the rabbids can look so innocent at times, you don't know who to side with.

Once again the game is broken down into small little bits of minigames parodying many different TV styles such as movies, the lotto, Speed, and even jackass.

Lets get to the point, the games are hellofa lot more fun this time around, especially the musical sections. Both the band from two and a revamped version of the dancing from one make an appearance, using cool songs such as ABC, jungle boogie, another one bites the dust, and even the Austin Powers theme. each other game is unique in a way all its own, including races and the classic bunnie shootouts, except that I now have the wii zapper and wii wheel which make all of these games better.

Plus (in what I think is a slap to Wario Ware) each game can be invaded with an advertisment mid-game. Each advert plays a microgame. Win and you can get an advantage over your opponents.

Usually, I'm not a stickler for graphics, but the way the bunnies are animated in 2D deserves a say in the graphics area, other than that it is standard wii graphics, not great, but good

The Bad:
Alright, alright, I don't take reviews lightly.
As usual, the wii controles could use some fine tuning.
If you have not played a rabbids game before, do not start with this one. start with one or two.
I do not have the wii balance board so that will not affect this review.
It's all been done before control wize, but complaining about that is like complaining about a cheeseburger because it has cheese on it.

So Cloudkirby, you herculean hunk of puffball, is this a good game?:
Definetly, if you like mario party, but want a little more substance, than RRRTP is the game for you. With enough jokes, laughs, and psycoticness to keep the most insta-gratification player glued to his seat. And to get the full experience leave the controller alone at the title screen.

Hey its better then de Blob.