Ubisoft doesn't fail to satisfy fans of the previous rabbid games, bringing a new level of fun with the balance board..

User Rating: 8.5 | Rayman Raving Rabbids: TV Party WII
To be honest i enjoy the Raving Rabbids series. Sure the way they are connected to the famous series Rayman is kind of weird, but that doesn't make them any less fun. It's just a great party game, and if you enjoyed the two previous ones you will appreciate this one as well.
Gamespot is kind of right when saying its the same basic thing as the last games, but that's what fans of this series wanted. I expected them to just add some new minigames, i like the gameplay the way it is. Well, they did change a bit with the balance board but you don't HAVE to own a balance board in order to play the game.
About the minigames, they are what you would expect, extremely funny as usual, some new balance board games, some where you draw shapes (kind of annoying.. you have to draw perfect lines here, which is kind of hard), and remote waggling ones. One funny thing is they didn't seem to focus on shooter minigames as much as the previous games. They seemed to focus a lot more on the balance board use and musical games.
These musical games are great fun! they kept the idea from the second game, of playing a different instrument through a song by shaking the wii remote and numchuck according to the music, and added a new dancing game. In this fun little game you move the wii remote and numchuck according to the music (doing dance moves) and press down, or stand on one foot sometimes, on the balance board.
As usual with these games the multiplayer is the best feature, playing by yourself can be kind of boring. The bad thing about multiplayer here is that not all games that use the balance board (and there are plenty of those) allow you to take turns in using it and make you play with multiple wii remotes at the same time. But this is not all bad, because you can just not connect a second wii remote and take turns. This works especially well for the dancing minigame.
The comedy in this game is perfect yet again.. those rabbids are crazy and having them make fun of all kinds of TV shows was a great idea. If you liked the previous games of the series, and own a balance board i really recommend this game. If you don't have a balance board it's not as fun, but still good for parties.