Stunning visuals, level design, and sound; however, it becomes boring and marred by outrageous difficulty

User Rating: 7 | Rayman Origins PS3

At first this game seems like a godsend. It's visually beautiful with nice themed levels and fluid framerate. The audio is about as memorable as it'll ever be for a platformer. I found the controls to be too floaty for this style of platformer one involves plentiful close shaves and relies heavily on timing.

About a few hours in, the game starts to fall apart. The difficulty level becomes absurd and it just gets boring. It isn't overly repetitive, but there's just something that didn't hold my attention. As expected, there isn't much of a story, but neither do its competitors.

I am an adult gamer that has been playing games for years and like to relax while playing platformers. For a game that looks like a Saturday morning cartoon, Rayman becomes outrageously difficult near the end.

Rayman is missing a distinct competitive advantage. The other platforming heavyweights have one. Little Big Planet has its replayability and community while Super Mario has its nostalgia and multiplayer. In one of the oldest genres, it is easy to see how Rayman is overlooked.

I know I am the minority, but this will be my first and only Rayman game. It is a style that I don't appreciate as much as the others.