Combines fun and challenging quite masterfully.

User Rating: 9 | Rayman Origins PS3

I'll admit, the graphics of this game are nothing short of stunning.

Ranging from hills with faces overgrown with plantlife, to little glowfish conglomerating around you through dark depths of water; it is difficult not to smile, to chuckle even at brightly colored goofiness splashing across your screen.

The controls are overall quite responsive. Technically there is nothing here to surprise you, if you're familair with, well,...gaming.

It does has challenges in store for you, if you're bent on completing the game full circle.

And that's where the game gets to shine, frustratingly so, but even then it won't haunt you with impossible mechanics or multilayered dialogues.

Simple patience and logic will do.

You get to free up other playable characters, most of them are pretty generic. Not that's such a disaster, just one missed opperunity of many.

Because this is a standard platform game, capital S, from a to z. And like many standard platform games, it lacks depth. Or limbs.

There are enough (standard)gameplay variations along the way to keep you going, though.

The enemies, however colorful, aren't that original. Or cohesive in any sense.

For example, the black flesh-eating plants reminds me a lot like the classic heart of darkness. (the delay of revamping that one totally defies logic).

Making this game a walk down memory lane....of other games.

And without the imagination of just one out of this world extra-ordinary original thing to tie all the generic stuff together, it falls apart from beating up cranky old ladies.

Still, Rayman Origins remains a quality game, with all the right ingredients from other classics mashed together.

It just keeps reminding me, like all the other Rayman games before it, that even if you do manage to get the recipe right, it doesn't necessarily make you a chef.