The worst in series!

User Rating: 2.5 | Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault PS3
Ratchet and Clank FFA is not only, not a traditional Ratchet and Clank game but it pretty much excludes clank altogether from what I played of it. It is blatantly just a military shooter, protect your base the whole time game, not an open environment adventure with cool weapons like it should be. I find this game disappointed for several reasons.

The game only allows you to use guns you found in the level you are playing in, so each new area you have to open a weapon box again and pick your gun arsenal all over again. The only nice thing is they will keep their upgrades. Everything costs way too many bolts to purchase. By the time you get enough bolts to buy some defenses for your base, the enemies have destroyed most of the defenses you bought previously. Now I have heard there is a patch to lower these costs, not sure if it is better now or not, it may be.

There is a serious lack of fairness and balance against enemies in this game which supposedly also got fixed by a new patch. Enemies for the most part aren't too bad, but some of the ships are way too hard for Ratchet to beat without constantly running away or losing all your base generators and starting from your last checkpoint again.

Frankly I think this Ratchet and Clank is boring. I was expecting something cute and fun like Pirates Booty or Crack in Time but it's just another example of another game series being ruined by multiplayer antics and military shooters.

Oh and speaking of multiplayer, while this feature may be fun for when you do want a partner you can't play split-screen because, even though this is a brand new game from 2012 it can't handle the high resolution of the ps3 and won't play split-screen. Instead it will give you an error if you try to play it. Um... excuse me but I don't even know how to get it to play in a lower resolution since Sony has made all the XMB controls and options so complicated to understand, but even if I did know how to why should I have to do all that for a new game???!! Seriously??? I hope this isn't going to become a pattern for Insomniac Games.

Bottom line is if you like Crack in Time you'll hate this, but if you like all 4 One (which I hated) you'll like this. Crack in time is the highest rating I've ever given a game not because it was my favorite game ever but because it was almost perfect in it's concept, art, voice talent, game play and fun value. It's time to go back to that type of Ratchet and Clank not this military multiplayer nonsense. Some games just shouldn't be multiplayer.