Project CARS A.I. not included!

User Rating: 6 | Project CARS 2 PC

Graphics are superb, car roster is amazing, track list ticks all the boxes, and handling is far more realistic than PC1.

But the A.I. is the worst I've come across in a racing game! If you are getting lapped, your engineer warns you and tells you to let them through incessantly until they have gone. But when you catch traffic to lap it, they race you like a championship is on the line!

Cars come past at speeds defying the laws of physics, only to get to the next corner, and park on the apex causing me to lock up and sail straight into the back of them, wrecking my car, cars leaving the pit lane cut straight onto the racing line, sideswiping anything there, and if they have left the track they rejoin straight into the path of other cars. I've seen three or four multi car wrecks because of this!

For the first time ever in a racing game, I find that racing online is actually more predictable and less stressful than racing against what is laughably called Intelligence!

Please 'Slightly Mad Studios', patch some I onto your A.I. !!!