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  • Ignition_jammy wrote a review of Pixross.
    User Rating 6

    Pixross is a puzzle game (Picross clone) by graphics designer Kenney. There's a grid, usually 10x10 (but can have smaller grids like 4x4 or larger ones such as 15x15) where the rows and columns are la...

  • Ignition_jammy wrote a review of Celeste.
    User Rating 9

    Celeste is a challenging platforming game that will draw some comparisons to Super Meat Boy, which was a very well received game but I wasn't a fan; the slippery movement, the unfair level design, and...

  • Ignition_jammy wrote a review of NEOVERSE.
    User Rating 9

    Neoverse is a roguelike deck-building game, shares a lot of gameplay mechanics with Slay the Spire. The story is that humanity began to experiment with time and space in pursuit of new worlds. This le...

  • Ignition_jammy wrote a review of WRC 9 FIA World Rally Championship.
    User Rating 7
    WRC 9

    In Career mode, you start off with the Junior WRC cars and work your way up through to WRC1. The seasons become longer as you go through the classes. Each rally consists of several races, grouped toge...

  • Ignition_jammy wrote a review of Beyond Blue.
    User Rating 6
    Beyond Blue

    From the creators of "Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna)", which was a puzzle-platformer that aimed to educate about inuit culture, E-Line have teamed up with BBC Studios and created a game inspired by B...

  • Ignition_jammy wrote a review of Aerial_Knight's Never Yield.
    User Rating 4
    Aerial_Knight's Never Yield

    When the game starts, your character is running down a corridor with loads of explosions, and I am pressing buttons and wondering if it is having an effect. The D-Pad is displayed on screen and it sho...

  • Ignition_jammy wrote a review of Half-Life 2: Episode One.
    User Rating 8
    Half Life 2 Episode 1

    It's well known that Half Life 3 never came out, but I was surprised to know that "Half Life 2 Episode 1" was an episodic sequel so it is basically the 3rd game. However, this episodic sequel was mean...

  • Ignition_jammy wrote a review of The Darkness II.
    User Rating 8
    The Darkness II

    The Darkness II is based on the comic books, and a sequel to a game that isn’t available on the PC. I thought it could be a scary game but it isn't - more of a mob story with mystical/occult ele...

  • Ignition_jammy wrote a review of Dead In Vinland.
    User Rating 8
    Dead In Vinland

    Dead In Vinland is a follow up to Dead In Bermuda. It's not a sequel since it is set in a completely different time period, but iterates on the mechanics, adding much more complexity. At its core, it ...

  • Ignition_jammy wrote a review of Nickelodeon Kart Racers 3: Slime Speedway.
    User Rating 7
    Nickelodeon Kart Racers 3: Slime Speedway

    Nickelodeon Kart Racers 3: Slime Speedway has all the aspects you expect from a Mario Kart style game. There are 3 difficulties, 10 cups with 4 races each (but there's only 36 tracks since the last cu...

  • Ignition_jammy wrote a review of Dead In Bermuda.
    User Rating 6
    Dead In Bermuda

    Dead In Bermuda is a simple 2D survival game mainly relying on random numbers. You drag and drop your party into slots. I initially found it quite clunky (I did become more comfortable with it over ti...

  • Ignition_jammy wrote a review of Viking: Battle for Asgard.
    User Rating 7
    Viking: Battle For Asgard

    I did think Viking: Battle For Asgard reminded me of Spartan: Total Warrior on the Gamecube. I only have very vague memories of it but I remember it to be a fun hack and slash with some large scale ba...

  • Ignition_jammy wrote a review of Ryse: Son of Rome.
    User Rating 7
    Ryse: Son of Rome

    Ryse: Son of Rome is a 3rd person hack and slash game. You play as Marius who defends Rome from a Barbarian attack. The game is told in flashback form, and shows Marius' quest for revenge when his fam...

  • Ignition_jammy wrote a review of Holy Potatoes! What the Hell?!.
    User Rating 5
    Holy Potatoes What the Hell?!

    In "Holy Potatoes?! What the Hell?!", you are a dead anthropomorphic potato. A chef in life, you arrive in Hell as sous-chef for a restaurant making potato-based meals for the gods. The gameplay invol...

  • Ignition_jammy wrote a review of Tales from the Borderlands: A Telltale Game Series.
    User Rating 8
    Tales From The Borderlands

    Borderlands is a well-known “looter shooter”, an FPS with RPG elements and plenty of guns to pick up. However, the story is fairly minimal. It’s an interesting decision to choose it ...

  • Ignition_jammy wrote a review of Borderlands 2.
    User Rating 7
    Borderlands 2

    In a similar fashion to the first game, you're immediately introduced to an energetic and annoying robot named Claptrap. You are also contacted by a mysterious woman who tells you to follow Claptrap, ...

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  • Ignition_jammy wrote a review of Among the Sleep: Enhanced Edition.
    User Rating 5
    Among the Sleep - Enhanced Edition

    On your 2nd birthday, whilst your mother is feeding you birthday cake, there’s a knock on the door. You hear the start of an argument with a man, but the sound and visuals become distorted like ...