Project Cars 2

User Rating: 8 | Project CARS 2 PC

In the career mode, you can choose which category to start with - the lowest rank containing the likes of Go Karts. These can contain multiple sets of races, and obtaining a podium finish will unlock the next set of races in the hierarchy. When you win a few races with a certain manufacturer, you will get invited to invitationals which contain 4 races.

There’s no money to earn, so you never purchase cars or upgrade them. You are given a car for each event. The overall vehicle selection is lower than other racing games, but there is enough variety.

You can skip the practice and qualifying if the event has them, but then you are placed at the bottom of the grid, so you are at a disadvantage. If you don’t mind cheating a bit to save time, you can disable the penalties, and set off before you see the green lights, so you can just cheekily drive yourself to the front of the grid.

Some events give you the option of Full or Short options which reduce the amount of races in them. You can also decrease the time/laps for each race. Even if you use the quickest options, the game will take you ages to complete just like most modern racing games.

You can fine tune difficulty such as AI difficulty, ABS, Traction control, Stability control, racing line, and more. There are no rewinds, but you can enable the ability to restart the race.

I had the opponent's aggression turned down, and they seemed pretty good at slowing down to avoid collisions. I rarely saw them make mistakes though, so spinning out often meant I couldn't catch up. On the RallyCross events, the AI drove ridiculously slow all the time, crashed often and sometimes struggled to get back on the track. When it is raining, the AI slow down to a safe speed, but I didn’t see them being affected by aquaplaning or spinning out, while your car is dramatically affected. This was a problem in the first game too. Some events in the rain seemed impossible due to the constant aquaplaning.

The game seems to be a game that prides itself as a realistic racing simulator, but yet there’s some really bizarre collisions which was also a problem in the first game. If you crash into the back of a Kart, you often start mounting them and end up resting against your opponent’s back, which looks ridiculous. Standard cars seem to lift at the back and also bounce over your roof.

The weather effects look really impressive and it’s great that it is dynamic so it can start out cloudy, then rain, then stop. The rain looks great when it is lashing down, and puddles form in different parts of the track. It can even snow. Some races occur at night.

I think this game is probably an improvement over the first game, but still suffers from some inconsistent difficulty and janky crash physics.