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@craige4u said:

@monkey_seeker: Finally a Educated guy talking proper technology stuff ! So mate, I dig in and bought the controller already and yes its the newer iteration.

I have gone with Bluetooth one as its simple to connect to PC and I don't use headsets, as I am too happy with my Bose 5.1 setup :)

Also, I can confirm that all trigger rumbles work over Bluetooth as well.

PS: Thanks a lot for fantastic explanation with illustrations. Hopefully somebody in the future will benefit from this post.

Ah ok they must have fixed that then. I did wonder whether it was a bluetooth limitation (like with the no audio or one controller paired at a time) or was just a driver or firmware issue.

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The first game I bought on steam was Mass Effect back in 2010. I even remember why, it was 2am and I'd just finished Mass Effect 2 and liked it so much I wanted to play through it again but decided I wanted to play ME1 first as I'd read about the save transfer feature, so I joined Steam and bought it on there.

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@dorog1995 said:

I've heard that the main problem is the NPCs that get stuck in the environment and slow the game down.

This is accurate yeah among it's many other issues. The default routing for sims was terribly done by EA and they get stuck all the time, the game then tries to work out a route for them but constantly fails to do so. More sims get stuck more routes to try to work out and it soon screws with the game as your CPU resources are used up. There are fixes including downloading the worlds from a sims modder (EllaCharmed) who has fixed the routing and a number of NRAAS mods (overwatch and errortrap at the least) that also cleans up the various mess that the game itself leaves behind.

Long story short, EA were terrible at making this game and it takes a lot of work just to get it to run well without lots of issues.

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There is the original Xbox One controller and there is the updated revised controller that came with the Xbox One S. The revised controller has bluetooth and a headphone jack (so no more adapters required). The X uses the same controller that the S came with. There are just the two types of controller (excluding the elite).

Visually the way to tell them apart is to look at where the Xbox button is in the centre. In this picture the original controller is at the top and the revised "Xbox One S" controller is at the bottom. Note how on the original controller it is part of the black plastic where the bumpers are but on the newer controller it is part of the controller face itself.

Both of the links you provided linked to the newer controller, however the first link did confuse the issue by having a picture of the older controller as the first picture - if his description is accurate and it has the 3.5mm jack for headsets/headphones then it is the newer controller.

It depends on how you wish to use the controller as to whether it's best to buy the wireless adapter or use bluetooth. If you want to use headsets/headphones via the controller's jack then you'll need the wireless adapter as headsets are not supported via bluetooth and only one controller at a time is supported. With the wireless adapter you can connect multiple controllers and use headsets.

I'm not 100% if this is still the case but trigger rumble doesn't work over bluetooth though the normal rumble does. With the wireless adapter or cable it works fine.

So with all that said my recommendation would be to get the adapter rather than using bluetooth but as I said it depends on what you want.

Edit* - Also yes I realise this is a month old post but it's worth answering if others have the same question.

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I bought a new motherboard & CPU - Asus RoG Maximus X Hero + i7 8086K to replace my Asus Z170 Pro Gaming + i7 6700K. I went with the 8086K because there seemed to be shortages of the 8700K pushing prices up to 8086K prices anyway. Plus it EASILY overclocks to run all six cores at 5Ghz.

I also finally got my first NVMe SSD - A 1TB Samsung 970 Evo.

Also got a Logitech G903 wireless mouse and G613 wireless mechanical keyboard.

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I'm primarily a PC gamer but also have an Xbox One X and a PS4. I did also have a Switch but got rid of it in the end because it just never got used.

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  • Motherboard: Asus Z170 Pro Gaming
  • CPU: Intel i7 6700k 4.0Ghz
  • CPU Fan: Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo
  • GPU: Asus GTX 1080ti Founders Edition
  • RAM: 16 GB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 2666mhz
  • PSU: EVGA SuperNOVA 750 P2 80+ Platinum
  • SSD: 2 x Samsung 850 Evo 1TB
  • SSHD: Seagate FireCuda 2TB (I only even have this because I screwed up my order on Amazon, I meant to buy a 2.5" one for the PS4 and mistakenly bought a 3.5" one. I ordered another 2.5" one but kept this anyway)
  • Case: Corsair Carbide Series Air 540
  • Keyboard: Logitech G613 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard
  • Mouse: Logitech G903 Wireless Gaming Mouse
  • OS: Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit
  • For a monitor I just use a Sony Bravia 43" 4K HDR TV

I do plan on upgrading the CPU & Mobo but right now I just see no point in paying so much for little gain. It can wait another year at least.

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Yeah I have a sub. On a side note if you're in the UK, Amazon are selling 6 months for £23.99 today only (so basically 6 months for the price of 3).

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I'm fairly sure I read these exact comments (not necessarily from him) before this gen began about how this gen's consoles could be the last.

Either way I really hope they're wrong again. Streaming is fine as an option but not as the only option.

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Worst for me would be Kai Leng from Mass Effect 3. Mostly because of his infuriating plot armor despite the fact that he would have been easily dispatched had Shepard and his/her crew not always been holding the idiot ball whenever he was around.