XBOX Wireless Controller - Win 10 HELP PLS

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I am new to Xbox and want to use the Xbox Wireless Controller on my Win 10 PC and like to ask... what care I have to take while purchasing it ?

Is there different types of wireless controller for Xbox S and Xbox X ?

I also understand there was some update by Microsoft to controllers, so how to make sure it is the latest revision ?

Also, will I get Rumbles & vibration on most games ?

Need all your assistance guys :-)

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There's no difference in controllers except for early base Xbone controllers they didn't have Bluetooth. I don't think you can even buy them anymore without Bluetooth. You can either use Bluetooth or usb cable for Windows 10. You don't really need to update controllers. You will get rumbles & vibration on most games especially anything AAA.

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I went to Best Buy and they had Xbox One controllers specifically for PC. If you're uncertain whether the controller will work with your PC, I'd go that route since it comes with this USB receiver for wireless play.

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@Ovirew: if your pc has Bluetooth on it I hightly suggest you use the Bluetooth over the wireless dongle. But do what Ovirew said and get the one that comes with the dongle so you can use it in whatever device you want.

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Okay Npiet1 above said there is one one type of wireless controller and others are talking about connectivity only - I have Bluetooth Mobo :-)

So, now is there actually 2 varities of controllers - Xbox One & One S ?

See this Amazon link, and as per Titles thay are different !

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