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Is this game still around? There is a Dungeon RPG - Fantasy Role Playing on Google play:


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Dungeon RPG by DicingDangers

Hi, Dungeon RPG is a new game we just released on Android. We thought you might want to check it out!

Dungeon RPG is a retro graphical text based dungeon crawl RPG in a world of endless tunnels, caves and crypts.

Forced together, an unlikely party of miscreants are exiled to the Underworld. Thord the barbarian, Akari the elf and Blixo the mage must not only survive, but also save the world. Is this even possible when one of them has been sent to eliminate the only chance the world has of survival?

Dungeon RPG is a light-hearted game where you play a party of adventurers in a sandbox world known as Underworld. Here you must work to survive. Although underground, Underworld is not a dark and dead place. Instead it is full of life and light from glow worms, fireflies and illuminous fungi. There are villages, communities and other exiled characters in these endless tunnels where you can get lost for days on end only to find yourself back where you started.

Life is on the edge however with a constant battle against the goblins, ogres and undead. Here in Underworld you must level up, loot up and fight your way to whatever end lies in store. Amass the best loot, choose the path of combat, crafting, even fishing or a bit of all. Grind all day long if you want or just get out there and bash some skulls. There are endless paths to glory in Dungeon RPG.

You start in Evengate Town and from here you can find new regions, locations and a quest. As you progress, new regions will be discovered together with new loot and possibilities.

The free version gives you everything you need to complete the main quest. If you want more however, go Paid and open up all items, locations and level up to 25.

Join the hordes now and download DicingDanger’s Dungeon RPG. Discover the happy-go-crazy artwork, the colourful characters and world saving story. Loot up, level up!








DicingDangers is an independent games development family. We have not released a game in a long time, but we are now back with Dungeon RPG on Android to begin with.