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Created by your friendly Moderator musicalmac!


Hello, friends.

Are you a developer or a game representative, hoping to share your creations with those who love them? Do you have an exciting new project you're hoping to drum up interest for, or a new release that you'd like us all to know about? That's fantastic -- because we want to hear about it. And the best way to share the news is outlined for you here!


Instead of making a new thread for your game, please feel free to place all the information you hope to share in a single post within this thread. That includes all information, game features, images, or video links, including a link to the game on the App Store if it's already published and out there. I've taken the liberty of creating an example post, found by clicking the spoiler tag below.



Introducing Crazy Taxi for Apple's iOS! Relive all those exciting, manic moments on the road in that bright yellow motor coach all over again on-th-go.

  • Features Include:
  • Arcade Mode
  • Original Mode
  • Time Attack Mode
  • 16 BRAND NEWmini-games
  • And much more...

Check out these images!

So check out CRAZY TAXI today on the App Store! On sale for a limited time during the holiday season!

Requirements are an iPhone 4, iPad 2, or iPod Touch 3rd gen or newer.


See how easy that is? Make it pretty and catch our eye. Thanks, and good luck on your project!

IMPORTANT: Do not include a bunch of off-site links. Adding too many makes your post look like spam and you could end-up getting all your posts purged and your account banned.

Notice: Any threads created by developers or game representatives for the purpose of sharing or introducing any software will be removed from the general board, and you may or may not be notified to re-create that same original post within this thread. Please do not be discouraged by the disappearance of a thread, but instead be inspired to re-post all the information you want to share right here, and please continue to update the same post regarding game information as opposed to making new ones. Also, no discussion is allowed in this thread, so posts that aren't made by developers or representatives will be deleted. Thank you.


****Please note: We need your help! Mods are volunteers and are not here 24/7. If you see someone advertising an app or game outside of this sticky, then please flag it and a Moderator will review it as soon as possible. Thanks!***

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Tremble, war is near!

We work hard on our upcoming game. Behind the very firs idea was nostalgia for Once Upon a Time... Life series. So here we

are, tower defense game from human body environment titled as Defend Your Life.


- 4 basic types of towers + many various upgrades

- 3 special powers (explosive bomb, electroshock and adrenalin increasing effect of selected towers)

- 2 challenging bosses

- rich tree with upgrades (aprox. 20)

- more than 20 units

Find out more: or simply follow our Facebook and Twitter.

Released date is set on the end of May.

And here are some pictures:

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We are 2 students from vienna and we love games, so we decided to make our own.

Space Trip is the result.

Avoid obstacles and beat your friend's highscore!

Tap to change the direction of the monster!

★ Travel through space and help the monster to defeat his evil brother

★ medals

★ many stages

★ Beat the final boss!

★ Get all achievements!

★ Leaderboard

★ Collect coins

Thank you and enjoy the space ride!


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Try my new free android game "Crazy Toucan"

You can find it here:

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Play Super Pixel Bird for Android! Flap your wings through obstacles while trying to get the highest score as possible! The higher the score, the better chance of getting rare loot! Challenge yourself and perform risky near misses to gain even more points!

Loot you say?

Yes! Customize your bird with unique hats, shirts, and colours!

Over 75 collectable items with 5 different rarities in the game!

What are near misses?

Every obstacle you flap through awards 1 point

A score multiplier is activated (up to a maximum of 3) if you perform a “near miss”

A near miss is achieved when the bird flies near the corners of the obstacle.


- Cheerful Pixel art!

- Loot drops! Collect them all!

- Near Miss system! Gain even more points!

- 15 Achievements! Can you unlock the secret one?

- Leaderboards! Challenge your friends and people around the globe!

Get it now on Google Play!

Follow Us on Facebook!

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Bubble Shooter Mania Free

Play one the most addicting bubble shooting games. Bubble shooter mania free, free game for Android offers you hours and hours of pure fun. Let the bubble mania begin!

How to play Bubble shooter mania free:

- Download the game

- Press “PLAY” button to start

- Aim the bubbles on the upper part of the screen

- Tap on the place where you want your bubble to go

- 3 or more bubbles of the same are needed to make them fall

- Be careful not to waste too much time when aiming or the bubble will go on its own

Google Play:

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Enter Norther Guard: Assault! A mobile strategy game featuring superheroes! More specifically it is a Tower Defense/RTS hybrid; the game focuses on a set of upgradeable mobile units (the heroes), as opposed to purchasing and placing stationery turrets. Imagine Kingdom Rush, but without the towers; only the heroes. You are able to deploy and maneuver the heroes on a map where you must achieve a variety of objectives, all while fending off waves of enemy units and super powered villains. NG:A will be released on both the iOS and Android platforms in Winter 2014.

So check out NORTHERN GUARD: ASSAULT on Kickstarter today >

Features Include:

  • Upgradeable Hero units with powerful abilities.
  • Traditional TD mode and Campaign Mode (featuring a consequence systems that impacts gameplay)
  • Team Dynamics and Customizable Coaching System.
  • And much more...

Check out these images!

Heroes in action!
Heroes in action!


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So check out NORTHERN GUARD: ASSAULT on Kickstarter today >

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Are you really a Word Master?

Kelimetre is a brand new multiplayer word game where you can challenge friends and random opponents and play with 5 players simultaneously!

Do you have a Facebook account? Login to Kelimetre and invite Facebook friends to play with.

Create words by swiping finger on characters listed on 4 by 4 board and score the highest point. Using DL, TL, DW, TW signs will give you bonus points.

Each game will be played 3 rounds. Next round starts after all player completed the previous round. The player who has the highest score after 3 rounds wins the game.

- Choose to play with friends or random players,

- Challenge with 5 players simultaneously,

- Invite Facebook friends,

- Buy hint on game board,

- Compare game statistics (pro account needed),

- Chat with opponents, make new friends!,

- Daily rewards,

... and much more.

Just download here:

Learn more about Kelimetre at

Tune in at;

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3

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Welcome to the world of King Kluck, where "food fight" takes on a totally different meaning!

Charismatic characters will entertain and excite gamers. The gameplay consists of crazy twists and amusing power-ups, leaving you hungry for more!

Travel across the world, from New York to India, in this addictive, vibrant game!

Play against ten computer characters in an attempt to collect the mystical orbs that can help you on your mission of defeating the tyrant, King Kluck!

Collect as much food as you can and get your nom on!

We are taking any suggestions! We will be updating the game constantly and making it a better gaming experience for you!

Caution: Don't play on an empty stomach.

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Hello folks,

We’re excited to introduce a new beta testing phase for Overtime Rush. Overtime Rush is an infinite tower defense game with lots of action, skeletons, trolls, vampires on skates and more. (You can learn more about it here:

We thank you all for the given feedback. We’ve made significant changes and now the game is even more interesting to play. We’re glad to introduce you the major new feature - now you can invite your friends through Facebook and play with them together enjoying the competitive spirit of the game.

So, we invite you and your friends to take part in new beta testing! If you would like to be considered, please mail us to And become the first users to discover new features of Overtime Rush!

Thank you!

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I've recently finished a free Space Battle game for the iPad.
It supports two players on the same device for head to head battles.

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You can download it here.

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If you're a fan of traditional arcade shooter games or crave a unique gaming experience, SlingDog is right up your alley!

Easy to learn and fun to play- just swipe and release the slingshot to keep the pesky fleas off Ralph the Dog.

Shoot the yellow and red flea for hit points (HP).

Unlock more levels to advance to the hyper fleas before finally liberating the dog from the flea invasion.

Game Center Leaderboard supported.

Please send me a message and let me know what you think.

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We proudly present a new free flick shot football (soccer) game with real ball physics.

Features: - 3D view for a great addictive gameplay with accurate flick controls

- 2 Different game modes: Free Run and Time Run

- Realistic ball movement

- Realistic goal nets- Leaderboards

- Different camera angles (static, dynamic)

- Different ball types

- Curve, chip, spin and knuckle ball shots to score amazing goals

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5

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A new free flick shot game with real ball physics for iOS.

Compatible with iPhone 3GS and higher, iPad 1 and higher, iPod Touch 4th Gen. (iOS v4.3 and higher)


- 3D view for a great addictive gameplay with accurate flick controls

- 2 Different game modes: Free Run and Time Run

- Realistic ball movement

- Realistic goal nets (iPhone4S and higher, iPad 2 and higher)

- GameCenter Leaderboards

- Different camera angles (static, dynamic)

- Different ball types

- Curve, chip, spin and knuckle ball shots to score amazing goals

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5

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Name: Quick-R

Plataforms: iOS/Android

Price: Free

App Store:

Play Store:

Quick-R is a hard addictive game to test your accuracy, focus and patience by avoiding obstacles with your finger in beautiful background colors. As you play, the obstacles moves faster making it harder. How long can you survive?

Loading Video...

Hope you enjoy it!


César Galvani

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Here is great news for fans of good old strategy games. We have released on Google Play an emulator that allows you to run original Heroes 3 and other PC strategy games - ExaGear Strategies:

Are you getting nostalgic over Heroes 3? With the help of this emulator you could relive a gameplay of the original game. Simply copy game files from your PC to Android-based device and become the true hero of might and magic!

ExaGear Strategies’ main feature is the adaptation of regular keyboard controls for touchscreen. Right now only HEROES 3 is supported, with a lot of other cool old-school strategy games in the work.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3

Check out other legacy games released as part of our effort to bring original desktop games to mobile devices:

* Doom -

* Heretic -

More of your favorite desktop games are coming soon! For more details visit

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Block Hopping

Can you solve the puzzles?

A new amazing puzzle game for you! Block Hopping presents you with difficult but fun puzzles where you have to hop on all blocks in order to solve the puzzle. The numbers on the blocks indicate how far you can hop clockwise or counterclockwise. The goal is to visit all blocks only once by hopping around. The game shows you what blocks you have already visited and to where you can hop.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5Gallery image 6

Block Hopping uses Google Play Services and offers both achievements and leaderboards. Try to solve each puzzle with as few redo's as you can to earn as much stars as you can to achieve the highest scores!

Link play store: Block Hopping on Google Play

permission.INTERNET, needed for Google Play Services and Ads
permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE, needed for Google Play Services and Ads

Enjoy our game!

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Build the ultimate transport empire with Transport Tycoon for iOS and Android!

Take control of your own fledgling transport company, and use your engineering skills and business acumen to keep cargo and passengers moving - and keep the money rolling in!

Transport Tycoon contains everything that made the original PC game an all-time classic, plus a whole host of brilliant new features - bigger, richer worlds, deeper simulation and a huge variety of land, sea and air vehicles. The intuitive new touch screen interface makes it easier than ever to build and maintain your transport network.

Whether you're planning and constructing ambitious engineering projects, or simply exploring the intricately simulated workings of the game's world, Transport Tycoon is your ticket to many hours of absorbing and rewarding entertainment.

TRANSPORT TYCOON is the definitive version of the classic simulation game, created by 31x and Origin8 Technologies in collaboration with Chris Sawyer, the original designer and developer of the TRANSPORT TYCOON and ROLLERCOASTER TYCOON franchises.


• Deploy bus and tram networks to grow sleepy towns into bustling cities.

• Lay cross-country railroads to keep industries supplied with precious resources.

• Construct massive bridges, dig tunnels and deploy earth-moving tools to carve a path through mountainous terrain.

• Build air and sea ports to transport cargo and passengers further and faster in an accelerating world.


• A wide range of beautiful landscapes including deserts, forests, mountains, valleys and islands.

• Several ‘real-world’ scenarios modelled on regions of North America and Europe at different periods in the 20th century.

• An all-new interface puts everything you need to explore and interact with the world at your fingertips.
• A richly simulated world with changing seasons and working industries, farms and towns.


• Over 150 vehicle types allowing you to choose the ideal transport solution for every situation.

• Use railway junctions and signals to allow multiple trains to share your rail routes.

• Modify vehicles and stations and assign new routes to adapt your business in real time.

• Upgrade and replace old vehicles as new and better ones are invented – all the way to supersonic jets and bullet trains!


• Play through 49 scenarios expertly designed to suit all skill levels and playing styles.

• Try to stay one step ahead of advanced A.I.-driven competitor's companies.

• Track your progress and troubleshoot your business with in-depth company statistics.

• Prove yourself worthy of the title of Transport Tycoon and take on the life-consuming 100 Year Challenges!

Like Transport Tycoon on Facebook:

Follow Transport Tycoon on Twitter: @TransportTycoon


Transport Tycoon © 1994, 2013 31X Ltd. Created by Chris Sawyer. Transport Tycoon ® 31X Ltd. All rights reserved.

Our latest update includes the following:

* New levels - all WITHOUT AIs - check the 'Solo' tab!

- 5 new scenarios

- 5 existing scenarios

* New, completely remastered music by the original composer, John Broomhall - selectable in the options as 'The 2014 Sessions'

* New achievements, some of them hidden - see if you can find them!

* Helpful tips shown during loading levels

* Fixes throughout

Download on the App Store:

Download the Lite Version for iOS:

Download on Google Play:

Download on Amazon:

Thank you for your time! Feel free to reach out with any questions. :)

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Auction Wars: Storage King, out now on iOS!

Calling all modern day treasure hunters, Auction Wars: Storage King is available now from the iOS App Store!

Auction Wars: Storage King App Store Link

Scour six different locations in search of hidden treasure and BIG money! When that shutter door rises you only have a short amount of time to guess what the lot is worth, then it’s straight into the action! Face off against realistic opponents, each with their own characteristics and bidding patterns. Hold your own against the rival bids of your opponents and the calls of the auctioneer. Keep a cool head, make your play, and with a little luck and a lot of skill... walk away with the loot!

After buying a locker, it’s time to see exactly what you’ve won. There’s a wealth of items up for grabs in the game, but can you collect all of them? They come in all shapes and sizes, but it’s on the special rare items that you’ll be making serious dough. If you play well you’ll be rewarded with an invite to a secret location; this prestigious auction house deals only in the finest quality goods!

The game is easy to play, but requires skill and plenty of good judgement. Not only do you aim to bring home the bacon, but you can also unlock achievements and push yourself up the leaderboards. Can you beat the scores set by friends and strangers alike?

We hope you enjoy playing Auction Wars: Storage King as much we’ve enjoyed making it. We are 100% committed to making it the best virtual auction game on the market. We’re always happy to take on feedback from our players, so please don’t hesitate to leave comments in your reviews, or get in touch with us directly via our Facebook and Twitter pages.

GameDigits Ltd. is a company dedicated to making innovative genre leading games across a range of devices. Our team has what it takes to deliver, and we believe in making games that people want to play.

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Fluppy was challenged by his master Flappy Bird to enter the forrest of Floating Trees.

His mission is to master the art of Flapping. An ancient flying technique that requires extreme concentration and some serious finger tapping skills on your phone...a skill perfected by Flappy Bird. Help Fluppy perfect his flying skills and become a master!

Challenge your friends to see who can score the highest!

This game offers a new Game Play unlike any other!

Download here

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Me and my friends have just released our first mobile game into the global application markets. It's called Jump and Run and its now available for iOS and Android devices.

Jump & Run is a simple endless runner where your rabbit character has to jump over foxes. Sounds simple? Well it surely is not too easy! Tap screen to jump and jump even higher when tapping longer. You get scores every time you jump over a fox.

Game features:

  • Free to play - no in-app purchases

  • Game ends when you get hit by a fox

  • Tap to jump & hold to jump even higher
  • Load jump bar in the air → jump instantly when you hit the ground

  • Leaderboards, beat your friends!

Download here:

iOS -

Android -

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The angry chicken needs your help to escape the coop. It can fly laying eggs rapidly with a tap of the finger. Collect corn to be able to lay eggs... But most of all HAVE FUN!

Not just another flappy bird clone. Something more....

A really enjoyable flappy bird clone. It has real physics and you struggle to keep the chicken on the air popping eggs out of it. It is funny and challenging while you need to collect corn in order to lay eggs and stay on the air. There is a bar indicating the corn left on the bottom of the screen. If you run out of corn, you fall and lose. Needs time to master, but it's fun trying to beat the high-score. The music is funny though sometimes irritating. While not perfect, you cannot complain cause in the end it will cheer you up and challenge you.

Highly recomended for flappy bird enthusiasts. Fun and challenge for free.

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Gyro Lander - Lunar Lander for the mobile generation

A small Indie reproduction of the classic game Lunar Lander (also known as Moon Lander and Mars Lander). This version uses the gyroscope as game input. The look and feel is aimed to be laidback and retro, whereas the game itself is dead hard to master.

Gyro Lander in AppStore

Developer Homepage


In Gyro Lander you navigate your spaceship's descent on a foreign world. You operate the spaceship with the phone's gyroscope, turning your phone to set the angle of the ship and touching the screen to engage the thrusters. Carefully weigh your use of your thruster, use too little and you will crash, use too much and you have no fuel left for your next landing. As you proceed through the levels the terrain gets rougher and you will start further from the landing pad.

Gyro Lander is faithful recreation of the classic Lunar Lander game, but introduces a novel way of controlling, where the phone's gyroscope is used as a direct and intuitive control for the angle of the spaceship. Using the gyro directly gives a superior mode of control, allowing the user intuitive and fast maneuverability.

I hope you will enjoy this little game.

Go land on them moons, you!


- Game Center integration.

- Smooth Gyroscope controls.

- Casual look and feel.

- Frustratingly hard gameplay.

- Tons of nostalgia for retro gamers.

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AR Tower Wolrd on Google Play


- GPS controlled augmented reality game, play tower defense/offense on the streets of your home town!

- run around in the real world and place towers

- run around in the real world and lead troops past enemy towers to capture monuments and historical places

AR Tower Wolrd on Google Play

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BoardRush & Friends is a super social and mobile battle of boards! Your ammunition? Multi-colored tiles with different symbols, a huge selection of boards and a wicked board designer!

Challenge friends or strangers and take turns to grapple with the best formations of tiles to win the most points and claim victory.

Its simplicity will have you playing in minutes!

✔ Great colors and graphics
✔ Weekly tournaments
✔ Create your own boards in the board designer
✔ Social board game, similar to WordFeud and Words with Friends and MindFeud
✔ Challenge your friends or complete strangers to see who’s better
✔ Real time game play
✔ Real time text chat with opponents
✔ Colorblind mode
✔ Push Notifications to keep you up to date on game changes, invitations and chat messages

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Generic Jack is an adventure side-scrolling runner game built using UDK for iOS devices.

It uses similar mechanics to the notoriously difficult 'The Impossible Game' in the sense that your objective is to simply reach the end of the level with the least amount of tries (fails in our case).

To achieve this, the player must overcome the many obstacles in their path with their trusty jump and slide buttons.

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Check Out The New Game Called Football Saves Available On Google Play.

Game Description

Football Saves.

Goalkeeping Game.

17 Game Play Modes.

Modes Include Shoot Mode,Goalkeeping Mode,Air Hockey Mode,Cricket Mode,Car Mode,Ping Pong Mode,Squash Mode,Pan Mode,Footy Invaders Mode,Flappy Football Mode and Others.

Six Levels.


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Overtaking - are you the fastest in the world?

Hi there

I am an independent game maker in China. Recently I finished a racing game called "Overtaking" . In the game players try to overtake 500 cars as fast as possible. There are a lot of power-ups for player to use, and the cars can even fly by beautiful wings! The record will be shared on the leaderboard of Game Center of App store, so players can compete with others all around the world. Players can upgrade their cars, and unlock new cars in game with coins, which are related to the top speed you get in game.

Here are some screenshots of the game

Here is the PV on Youtube

If you want to try it, here is the link in app store

It is free for a limited time.

If you have any comments or ideas, please feel free to contact me!



Sam Gao

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Hey guys! Check out SkateBird! This game is NOT Flappy Bird, it's different, more challenging, and has many features to enjoy, like an unlocking system based on your score! Rate and enjoy the game! :)



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Dolan Duck Fruit Game -

Have you heard about Flappy Bird game? For sure! I would like to introduce you equally annoying and addictive free game for Android: Dolan Duck Fruit Game.

The game is simple, but very addictive. What it's about? All you have to do is avoid fruits falling on your head and collect those that have already fall to the ground. Sounds simple, but no, it is not.

10 exciting levels with different difficulty. Highscores list online and competition with the best. The game is good for both children and adults.

See Dolan Duck Fruit Game global highscores:

I recommend :)

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Popular Music Songs

If you like listening to popular songs, then this fm radio is just the thing for you! Listen to free music online on radio fm! With Popular Music Songs app you can listen to radio online and your favorite popular songs on internet radio all day long.

Google Play: Popular Music Songs

Available features:

- Listening to online radio without headphones

- Set timer to play any internet radio and sleep timer so that radio station turns off at specific time

- Save or share music online on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter

- The widget of the app will appear in the notification so that you could control radio fm even when the app is turned off

- Use widget option to set your favorite radio live as a shortcut on your home screen.

- Set favorites to create a list of favorite radio free for quick access

- Choose ‘more’ button to research other radio stations

- Set a radio alarm

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David. // is a game!

Check it out now:

"’s beautiful." — AppAdvice

"Long story short; it's really awesome." — Touch Arcade

“I love when you’re simply sucked into a game and held captive by good flow and strong design.” — GGSGamer

David. // is a game. A game about physics and enemies. A game about struggles and life. A game about David.

You play David, an awfully small abstracted chosen hero tossed into a blissfully simple world overrun by giant culminations of evil physics-beasts. As David, you are given a slingshot-esque gift that you will have to use to conquer your colossus foes. Hold, aim, and fling to attack (Angry Birds™ style!).

Think Shadow of the Colossus™ + Angry Birds™.

I poured myself into developing this game for nights and nights and nights. It's almost tough to share. I hope it feels strangely personal.

Loading Video...

Check it out now:


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If you are stressed try this app - Relaxing Music Sounds. It has the meditation music for stressed moments :)

Google Play link:

Available features:

- Listening radio without headphones

- Set timer to play radio station and sleep timer so that radio station turns off at specific time

- Save or share radio stations on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter

- The widget of the app will appear in the notification so that you could control radio station even when the app is turned off

- Use widget option to set your favorite radio station as a shortcut on your home screen.

- Set favorites to create a list of favorite radio channels for quick access

- Choose ‘more’ button to research other radio stations

- Set a radio alarm

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Top Ringtones 2014

Today I recomend this application - Top Ringtones 2014. It offers a collection of new ringtones. This latest ringtones collection is tailor-made for those who would like to keep up to date with the ringtones and sounds fashion.

Best ringtones 2014 are 100 % free and available on Google Play: Top Ringtones 2014

Available Features:

Set as ringtone, assign to contacts

Set as alarm and timer sound

Set as SMS ringtone

Set as widget

Save, share on social networks or email sounds

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Hi guys,

We are a small group of students and have just published out very first mobile game (android), might not be much but it's a big milestone for us.

We have already made drastic changes based on user feedback, and I am hopping to get some more from you guys. If you get a chance to try it out let me know what you like and what you don't like so we can improve Wobble Rocket and future titles.

Wobble Rocket:

Our Website:

We are currently working on a very exciting project which we think strategy game players will love!

If you are interested, you can follow us on twitter for updates:


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I have developed a simple 4 pics 1 word game.

You are given pictures of 4 soccer/football players and you have to guess the team.

Hope you like it. :p

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5Gallery image 6


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Hey guys, I've finally released ExtremeWBF. It's a really fun arcade like game that is competitive at the same time. Give it a try, tell your friends and family.

Please do rate as well. Give me feedback and constructive criticism.

Will also be released for iOS soon.

Official Trailer

ExtremeWBF, is a classic shoot’em up game where you have to set forts to defend yourself from incoming enemies which includes werewolves,aliens and even zombies!

6 Stages

50 Battles of addicting non stop action.

Defend yourself with forts.

Extreme Mode after 50 battles have been completed.

Weapons,power ups and upgrades.( Premium Version)

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We're Bringing Motion-Based Gaming to Android and iOS

  • The World's first Motion-Controlled Endless Gunner Video Game
  • Control your spaceship with just the motion of your hand
  • Weave between buildings and cars with your ship
  • Collect orbs to power your weapons
  • Destroy whatever you can to earn points

Currently, "Catch Up, Calu!" works with the Leap Motion™ Controller on Mac or PC machines.

Calu's spaceship follows the movement, pitch, roll and yaw of your hand in real-time as you dodge and destroy obstacles in your path.

Navigate to collect power-ups that power your weapons and add to your points.

Calu may be a superior being from across the galaxy, but he has a problem we can ALL relate to...He's Late for Work!

The invasion of Planet Earth is underway and you've overslept again! Jump into your flying saucer, arm your weapons and catch up to your invading space armada!

See how far you can make it while weaving between skyscrapers, dodging asteroids and annihilating tanks...all while increasing speed along the way! Oh yeah, don't forget to blow up a cow or two along the way...we won't hold it against you!

Check Out our Kickstarter and help us bring Calu to Android and iOS

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Bird Tap Flap - Tiny Flying Yellow Wings

Hi guys, the game has been updated to provide to ability to play game for REAL MONEY, no kidding, it's true.

If you are in United States or United Kingdom then yes, it is for you. The new version has integrated Skillz which allow the people to compete for real cash. Let's earn money

Description Bird Tap Flap

- Tap to fly, physics based

- Encouraged by flappy bird, harder, more exciting, the farther the winner

- 2 gamecenter leadboards, best score and total score

- Several achievements to achieve

- Play for real money

Applestore :

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3

Feedbacks are welcome

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Hey everyone!

"Love You, Grandma" is out on Android!

The goal of the game is to escape your grandmother who wants to give you a kiss :)

This game relies on dexterity and endurance since you need to tap 2 buttons alternately to run away as fast as you can!

Try your best to beat the best score (I personally only can do 94 but some dude did 143!)

Link to the play store :


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Check out this app - Internet radio stations. Music radio is a must-have radio app for all music lovers, because it comes with the diversity of radio stations in terms of genres of music. In this Android radio you will find hip hop music, rap music, jazz music, rock music, r`n`b music, pop music, dubstep music, dance music, country music and so on. On the other hand, it is not region restricted and offers free music from countries from all around the globe.

Google Play link: Internet Radio Stations

Available features:

- Listening without headphones

- Set timer to play the radio and sleep timer so that radio tuner turns off at specific time

- Save or share app on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter

- The widget of the app will appear in the notification so that you could control mobile radio even when the app is turned off

- Use widget option to set your favorite radio station as a shortcut on your home screen.

- Set favorites to create a list of favorite music, news or talk channels for quick access

- Choose ‘more’ button to research other radio streams

- Set an alarm

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Hello @ everyone

My brother and I have managed to develop our first game. It´s designed as a arcade game and of course for free. It has a challenging gameplay and hopefully keeps you entertained by unlocking new worlds. ^^ Most of you will probably despair of it. We´re currently working on the android version.

Loading Video...

Tell me your opinions and rate it on the appstore if you want to.