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I think sony has done a great job on the ps3. It has the most superior graphics pushing them up to the next level, SIXAXIS controller which doesn't go as far as the wii controller so you can happily switch from regular gaming to degree gaming. !Blu-ray! Also ps3 looks like its gonna have the most variety of games, it will feature a large library of each genre to choose from so you won't get bored for the setup of games which i think is whats wrong with 360 and wii, they both seem to focus too much on one genre and not the others. e.g. wii has few violent games and too many platformer mario type games which made my friend sick of gamecube and 360 has too many fps's and too few platformers and other sub-genres. But PS3 has everything. But i'm not gonna get a ps3 its way too expensive, not that the price is a rip off im just 15