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    @jerjef: Absolutely dude. All you do is flash Lakka on the microSD and then move the ROMs you wanna play over an internet connection. I worked perfectly for me, I played Chrono Trigger and Donkey Ko...

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    @NorseLax09: I always felt Nintendo on any type of mobile platform that they didn't develop themselves always a bit weird. Has less polish and less engagement

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    Learning on your own, and Olympians

    It's been a while, but that doesn't mean I should stop thinking or typing or living. I've been starting to limit my intake of Facebook and politics, and it's proving itself to be very eye-opening. To ...

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    A Dead Pool of Boring and Birthdays

    Hello again old me! Going to class and doing the work that's required is quite a mundane pace. Don't get me wrong, I'm learning a lot, but hell its like the definition of insanity in Far Cry 3. I'm ti...

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    Gay Marriage is now legal

    Well two days ago was a very historic day, deeming the United States nation deems marriage between a man and a man or a woman and a woman completely legal and recognized by said government. Now I have...

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    Why do I have to get sick a week before spring break? Why? There is so much to do next week. I have to do some lab work due on Tuesday and also start studying for light physics. Why can't classes be m...

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    League of Legends and Freemium gaming

    Longevity in games is very hard thing to grasp when creating a game. Between grinding, energy, and microtransactions, these games feed off of the long haul. You have to be persistent and be able to pa...

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    Video Games and College

    Its very hard to balance an academic life and still play video games. I've almost stopped playing games altogether! But, I've been taking a class called Intro to Game Design, and that always reminds t...

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    Hey! Do you have a PS3 or Xbox 360? we should total game sometime
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    I got sunshine in a bag, but not for long

    Well, yesterday ended my first year of college at the Pennsylvania State University. I know its been awhile since my last post, but I've been focusing on my schoolwork and more importantly my job as a...

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    Swinging around still missing buildings.

    I initially didn't want to write a review of this game because of my fandom of Spider-man. But there are some facts to take into account for you, the reader. I'm going to discuss mechanics, a slive...

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    I've Never Played a Kingdom Hearts Game, UNTIL NOW

    Where can I start with these two amazing games and high definition cut scenes? I'll start with Kingdom Hearts and go from there. To believe that this game was released about twelve years ago, and I...

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    I hear yeah bro. And when I mean I hear ya, I hear "Everything is Awesome, Everything is Cool when your part of a team," then lonely island comes in

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    Trying to Agree on Something

    Today I write to myself (and others?) about how a group of people cannot agree on anything. For my chemistry lab, or CHEM 111, we were each able to pick out our partners before the professor would sel...