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Learning on your own, and Olympians

It's been a while, but that doesn't mean I should stop thinking or typing or living. I've been starting to limit my intake of Facebook and politics, and it's proving itself to be very eye-opening. To be honest, social media is doing something that is enabling our generations to be very digital and antisocial, and continually be connected to our devices. This makes our relationship with other people restricting; almost dependent on whether someone sees a post, likes or doesn't like a photo, or speaks their mind. Our minds have been spoken on a digital interface, and will not appear when taking about those topics in real life. I hate it. I may be a hypocrite going onto and speaking my mind, but a small percentage of the internet will see this.

Time to go back to school! It's the last year, and I'm going to graduate on time! I have a senior project ahead, and I want to cram so much into my head to be well prepared for my future job. They ask for so much experience and knowledge, I think I'm under prepared all the time. I never scored an awesome internship last summer, but I did take advantage of that and got all my history and economic classes out of the way. I accomplished those through a community college, and those credits were nice and cheap. I just hope transferring those credits will not rise and be a problem. The books for all my classes are expensive, and some of the classes I have to take in order to be a well rounded Computer Engineer. I bought one "for fun" book where I'm going to learn the Linux machine language using Ubuntu or the like. For school, I only have one more physical education class, and that's going to be indoor basketball. (indoor soccer was the first one) Had to get another loan, but hey I'm not in a supreme amount of debt. Anyway, hopefully it will be a good year, living with 4 other guys downtown so it's gonna be a blast.

The 2016 Rio Olympics are on and I'm amazed at how swimming and running and badminton are on and people are pumped about it! I think it was quite a feat for Rugby and Waterpolo (old and intense games) to be shown in all their glory! I'm typing right now as Usain Bolt just won the 100m dash, and now he's walking around with this weird stuffed animal. The person from America had shorter legs, leading to Justin Gatlin to be in second. Usain did it in 9.81 seconds. Sonic couldn't run that fast. Enough of my random writing, I'm tired from my cousin's graduation in Connecticut. What a weekend. It's about time for school to start up again.

A Dead Pool of Boring and Birthdays

Hello again old me! Going to class and doing the work that's required is quite a mundane pace. Don't get me wrong, I'm learning a lot, but hell its like the definition of insanity in Far Cry 3. I'm tied between doing homework and such the night before and getting it done practically a week before. I can't see the benefits between either because in both cases free time and work time equal each other. I've started my art class, and let me tell you I'm learning more in that class than most of my other engineering driven courses. Something inside me just wants to be an Art major but I have another voice that keeps telling me how will I support myself off of my art? I'm kind of saying its about the money, but also have a more realistic view of what I want to do with my life. Computers! Computers are cool just like a fez and bow ties. I've labeled this semester as the mark of the sinusoid, because they keep cropping up in all my courses. About every lecture two things come up, sinusoids or filters. I'm starting to get back into doing things for my body too! Indoor soccer, bowling, and running are the core of my lazy programmer workout.

Another thing, Deadpool! What a hell of a movie. They did it well and accurately, and with a very limited budget. The movie felt like it was Ferris Bueller's day off with murder and super powers. I can't wait for when Wolverine and Deadpool are on the same screen and they just duke it out. Ryan Reynolds nailed the role and so did everyone else that was casted with him. I don't want to spoil anything but during the whole process of Wade becoming super regenerate, there's a massive gap of time when he's pronunced dead and the gap in the Wolverine: Origins movie that kind of fit together like a puzzle piece. In other words, He wakes up in the remnants of the destroyed island when he had all those super powers(like cyclops, and's teleportation, and long ninja katanas coming from his freaking fists). After that incident, he wakes up in the dirt heap of everything he destroyed. This proves already that he can live through having his head chopped off(you know because they sealed his mouth shut he just grew another head). Overall, the movie was very laughable and was one of my favorite movies to date.

Well the 21st birthday is coming up. I still don't know if I'm excited or not. I don't know how to take birthdays after they've mostly become insignificant. At one point, people around celebrated certain milestones of our young lives. Now getting older you have less milestones, pretty much every damn decade(which is garbage if you ask me). If your turning 33, 57, or 15 you should celebrate! You look back at what good you did and cherish it with other people! And if you didn't do any good then look forward to what you should make better! So many people just think its another day...which it is, but hell this day comes every 365 days. Now for my 21st I don't plan to get shwasted, but I will definitely be trying some drinks. Its amazing that this part of your life you become more savory in not only food you eat, but the stuff you drink.

Now finally for what I've played. I just got Time Splitters; Future Perfect, and that games quite the throwback. From Steam, I've been playing a lot of stealth games, like Mark of the Ninja and Dishonored. I feel like Super Smash Bros. will always be in my life from now on. Literally all my friends play Smash and I just look at every match to train or have fun with how the game controls. At least every match some weird things happen, and it just expands that book of growing knowledge of Smash. Super Smash Bros. is a great game, I may not know the technical terms people on Twitch are using, but hey this game is timeless. Kinda like Time Splitters. Well, back to EE 352 homework(Its literally differential equations part 2).

Gay Marriage is now legal

Well two days ago was a very historic day, deeming the United States nation deems marriage between a man and a man or a woman and a woman completely legal and recognized by said government. Now I have gay friends, and they were celebrating as much as when everyone else got their civil rights way back in the day. Its amazing being part of this day and age of such a change. It was extremely quick to say the least. Newspapers and news stations everywhere were given something else to talk about besides the escaped convicts and crazy people. I believe they should have the same rights and all, but I do not think it should be called marriage.

Such a bold statement you may be thinking. Now meanings of words change in this world we live in, and I believe the word had truly changed two days ago. Marriage used to be and mean the legally or formally recognized union of a man and a woman. How long as marriage meant this? I'm not saying that a gay couple shouldn't be married, in a sense, but they should use some other word to in term divide normal marriage and a gay bond. "Bond" may be the correct word (I don't know I'm just typing here). But of course, the gay community would be offended in some way. They truly want to be looked as equal to that man and woman thing called true marriage, and now they will.

Change has happened. Adoptions will be up more than ever, and I guess there are a lot of perks to this new movement. Although I'm straight as an arrow, now everyone I know will have one thing, equality. I guess that's what the gay community was not be recognized for. They want that, that thing we already have, and they could continuously go around anything for that right. Some moved to different states, hell countries, for legal recognition and finally they don't have to do that anymore. We should all rejoice in this step to equality. Now all my conservative friends are quiet and won't speak out, and I guess this gives them more fuel for their fires or does it extinguish them? The gay pride is intense so I hold up my boombox to them (everyone was wearing figure-less gloves)!!

No Caption Provided

Anyway, I've been playing Final Fantasy 7 I've beaten all the Kingdom Hearts games (phenomenal games!) and I'm continuing my summer quest of getting at least 2 platinum trophies. Also, should I get a PS4? So many great games were announced and I think I may be able to wait until the PS5 is announced (excited for the most is probably KH3 or FF15 or even Fallout 4).


Why do I have to get sick a week before spring break? Why? There is so much to do next week. I have to do some lab work due on Tuesday and also start studying for light physics. Why can't classes be more like video games...that would be amazing. I've recently enjoyed some major gems in my Steam and PS3 library.

The Wolf Among Us is a very great game. Penn State Behrend closed school last Thursday and Friday because of very low temperatures, so I beat that game in practically one sitting. It was pretty amazing because in my suite many people joined in and told me how Bigby should speak or act. They were watching it like a TV show! (which is what it really was) It was an interactive television show. My one roommate was mind blown at all the references to old tales like the Jersey Devil and Grendel. After the game was over, it had a nice advertisement of graphic novels they were based off of!! Being an avid comic and graphic novel reader, I searched locale shops and that had them at an expensive price. So to AMAZON! Picked up the first three books and a nice copy of the God of War Saga.

Now I also managed to sneak my PS3 to college and found a nice balance between work and play. I continue to explore Sony's amazing IPs and sense a common theme. If the game warns you Elipesy and other dangers, the game is automatically good. Nahhh I'm just kidding. But seriously in all those collections they do that! God of War 1 is very impressive for a PS2 game. I can see how the games thrived with their intense gore and Greek lore. Kratos is a very crazy character with a historic Spartan backstory of war and blood.

Well I'm probably going to go to sleep now, or maybe read some of the Fable graphic novels. Then fall asleep. Good night Gamespot.

League of Legends and Freemium gaming

Longevity in games is very hard thing to grasp when creating a game. Between grinding, energy, and microtransactions, these games feed off of the long haul. You have to be persistent and be able to pace yourself as well as your character. Plenty of these attributes can be applied to real life. I'm back in Erie and trying to stay away from the "Struggle Bus." You have to keep ahead to stay ahead. For some time now, I've been investing my time in League of Legends on the weekends. Now many don't recognize this as a freemium game, because there are so many things available to player when they are different, free, champions each week.

Now last week happened to be when Sona, the support healer, was free. Now this game gets in your head. Because I had won three Team Builder games in a row with her, I felt like I was on Cloud 9 (I only know thats a PRO league team because of my roomate across the hall). All of today it was my mission to get enough IP to be able to play as her whenever I wanted. This example right here is how the game gets in you head. You won with this champ? A lot? Well now we're going to strip them away from you. Some call this an associated conditional experiment. You ring a bell before you feed your pets. They become conditioned to respond to the bell expecting the food. I was conditioned into picking Sona and thinking "gg we already won" and the game hasn't even started yet. I also considered about pouring my hard earned money into the game, but then I want to save for my future college loans. Riot Games knows how to update and keep players on their toes but also the psych of the player and what they associate with certain feelings or results. (summary of the story: I did get Sona today by playing a boat load of ARAM and team builder)

Can I think of any other Freemium games that I'm partially involved in? Spider-man Unlimited (energy driven runner, with constant events), Farmville (back in the freshman year of high school, twas dark times, plus any Facebook game is freemium), Clash of Clans (them clan wars!!), Team Fortress 2 (at least its free now, got that back when you had to pay for it), and maybe Runescape (that's throwing it way back). These games have different definitive properties that make them all slightly addictive, except Farmville. Spider-man Unlimited always has new Spider-men joining the force and since I am a fan I try my best on breaks to get the new Spidey! Clash of Clans and Farmville have a time element contained in them. You have to wait in order for this to happen, then come back. Team Fortress is like any online shooter multiplayer game. And Runescape has a monthly subscription if you want to unlock more than just Lumbridge!!

Can you think of any freemiums your addicted to? Candy Crush? Eh? Just think about how free games can snare you, bind you to their ways. New games in the personal play log: Bioshock Infinite, Fez, Half-Life 2, and Sid Meier's Civ V. Great games. You should check'em out. Also subscribed to Guardians of the Galaxy Comic!! Very excited to read about what's happening to the crew in the comic book world.

Video Games and College

Its very hard to balance an academic life and still play video games. I've almost stopped playing games altogether! But, I've been taking a class called Intro to Game Design, and that always reminds that I can continue to live a fruitfully gaming life. The Smash community in Erie is very solid. Seriously every day I go to the bottom of Roche Hall people are either playing Magic The Gathering or Project M! Even my roommates love to smash! Anyway, updating my playlog, I'm currently going to beat Majora's Mask (I never have) and also beat the Megaman X collection. I'm going to try for the first two Legend of Zelda games but that may be a hookshot (ha longshot...ha).

I'm starting a new paragraph to discuss my thoughts on the school. I feel like I'm failing. Physics is my only problematic course! I need to figure out this whole physics thing. I need to become better at it somehow. I study the problems we are given in homework and participate in the labs! I just wish I knew what I was doing wrong. It's not like with math where I can analyze my mistakes and correct my behavior. Physics is formula after formula. On top of that, homework is on MasteringPhysics. The problems on here help me understand concepts, but I feel we should be using the PHYSICAL book for doing word problems. The only reason I use my book is to read and understand. Electricity and Magnetism is not my cup of tea.

Anyway, it feels good to type that out. Self realization is at its peek. I need to but as much time in physics if not more. I need to jump back on the ball. Any physic class could be planned so much better, like my Matrices teacher! He prints out notes with fill-in-the-blanks, and the whole class just follows along. Physics whole design could use a revamp. Enough of my rant. I'm sick of typing.

I got sunshine in a bag, but not for long

Well, yesterday ended my first year of college at the Pennsylvania State University. I know its been awhile since my last post, but I've been focusing on my schoolwork and more importantly my job as a busboy. Today I'm headed to a friend's house to have a good time and go on a "University sponsored" road trip to New York City. I'm so pumped, I feel more excited when I first started college. No more homework, exams, and group work. I plan on going to the Nintendo World Store in NYC, and that's the main reason I want to go (along with seeing all the sights to see). We'll be playing Smash Bros. Melee for the majority of the night. Then on Monday I'm starting a new job for the Department of Transportation. Cool beams, cool beams.

Recently, I've been logging a lot of hours into the Amazing Spider-Man 2 for the PS3. I've got a feeling I'm going to Platinum the game pretty soon. Spider-man's suits alone give the game more meaning a time to play and explore. The only step back is the darn Menace system. I just want to swing around and fight thugs Beenox! I shouldn't be penalized for not helping a crime every two seconds (plus how is there a fire in one of the buildings constantly?!?). Some of the missions should be more rare. I also wrote a review for the game on the page. Even though I gave it a 6, it's mainly because it could be improved on by a major slice of time and programming. But, eh, its released, they won't touch it now.

Another thing that's been on my mind is why do people immediately trade in games once they beat them? I feel those are the people who forget what happens in games easily. Cash in, cash out is what they may say. I mean unless the gamer is a trophy or achievement hunter, they would have to be uber-dedicated to the game. Gamers should cherish and share their games, but only with the ones you trust to return them. Games are meant to be replayed, reenjoyed, relived. Although it may collect dust, go back to it in a couple of years. Go see what you didn't find. We're all collectors, or hoarders, in our own right, but some games a just trash. Maybe that's why some trade them in immediately? I just don't know the mentality of completing the game then going back to the store to return it. There has to be still some essence to the game, like a hidden weapon or code. Don't trade, game on.

Trying to Agree on Something

Today I write to myself (and others?) about how a group of people cannot agree on anything. For my chemistry lab, or CHEM 111, we were each able to pick out our partners before the professor would select for us. I picked the one who should not be named. OWSNBN was a male who I barely knew, we only shared one class together from the last semester. He's the same age as me, but his advisor set him back a couple of maths and sciences (which in my personal opinion is 1. A way to get money sucked from OWSNBN's wallet, and 2. shows how smart the young man is). I mean this guy is the same Chem Lab as me! It's ridiculous and his personality reflects that. I care about him I do, but he's one of those guys who isn't really a true friend.

On the same note, we developed an agreement on who would alternate on the lab write-ups, the unfun part of any chemistry lab. In total, we only have to write like six of these for the whole semester and we're on the second topic. I wrote up the first lab about titration, and practically did all the math. He comes in the day before its due, and says "Yeah, I got those numbers too." Typical, sooo gosh darn typical. OWSNBN now asks me today in MATH 97 (a study group AKA get homework done class) "Do you want to meet up and finish the lab?" I respond "No because I have to pick up my sister's at [insert school here] and go straight home." I promised I would help him to reinforce his answers he got through text messaging. I'm even in the process of checking the math right now, but he is supposed to be formally writing it up on the word document.

This type of dependence is one I hate. I never trusted the guy in the first place, mainly because his mind is set back a year or two. You can just see that person's face not doing the thing you need to get done, and I HATE taking matters into my own hands. He's probably doing everything to avoid it, so we can fail. We had a deal. I guess you can't depend on anyone as much as you trust them. That is the lesson of today. Well time to open a can of whoop ass on OWSNBN.

The Day My Mom Forgot

I had a very scary experience yesterday. My mother had fallen and could not get up. My one sister was home from school because my mom thought she had strep throat. My mom, calling off work, returned home after fixing a tire and grabbing some groceries. She was not in the house for 10 minutes and she had slipped on the arctic tundra outside and hit her head. She asked if the puppies needed to be taken out, and I told her I had taken them out 30 minutes before. I was in the living room trying to complete my calculus homework and I hear a faint thud. Seconds later, I hear "JOOOOSSSEEEPPHHH!"

It was at this moment many questions entered my mind. What happened? Did she fall on a dog, crippling it? Where are you at? Again, what happened? She had fallen right outside the garage and could barely get up. She hit her head so hard that she had forgotten everything she had done this morning. My mother cried like an infant that had lost its parents. Imagine forgetting everything for a day, no alcohol or drugs to help you. You just forgot everyday. Anyway, my sister and I tried to keep her as calm as possible and eventually started the car to go to the Emergency Room. As we drove, she began to remember everything so vividly and perfect.

Then she would relapse and ask them same questions over and over. What happened? My sister and I met my dad at the ER and then I had to leave for a PSU class. She got a CT scan and pain relievers from the doctor. Its a great thing I'm a calm person and an Eagle Scout. If I wasn't going to be a Computer Engineer, I'd definitely be a Doctor or someone of that nature. I can help people, you just have to talk them through their experience. Saving lives people, saving lives.

Being "Burnt Out" on a specific song

I'm the type of listener that hears a song once and instantaneously love it, I will end up listening to it for another fifty times. Music is a major part of my life, and I don't know what I'd do without it. A couple things I want to talk about is specific moments in my life when I became "Burnt Out", and the idea of no music.

"No Interruption" by Hoodie Allen, "Paper Planes" by MIA, "I Will Be Found (Lost at Sea)" by John Mayer, and "Houdini" by Foster the People are some very great, well composed songs. Hoodie Allen is a very creative hip hop/rap artist. Most of his music is free for all, so here's a link if you want to check it out: "No Interruption" is one you have to either pay for or get it some other way. MIA is a female urban rapper. She's only produced one album, and this was her only hit. She uses sound effects to get her point across. John Mayer is a one of my favorite artists. From album to album, his lifestyle and outlook changes and so does his music. Continuum, Room for Squares, Paradise Valley, Born and Raised, Battle Studies, and Heavier Things each have a distinct sound. Continuum is probably going to be his best work, at least that's what I think. "Houdini" by Foster the People is a song that I've listened to practically everyday. Torches is my favorite album, I had to own a physical copy of it.

Imagine if music had never existed. It's very hard to, even for me. No sounds, nothing. Just your thoughts and the people around you. All you could do is talk. Just imagine how boring video games would be! Link wouldn't be playing his ocarina, Star Wars would have a lame opening, and the major company Apple wouldn't exist! I have nothing against Apple, it's just the company is based off the sales of music and apps. If you don't like music, then are you even human?

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