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I use to be all about trophies back in the day and had a lot of platinums for the time. I can't remember my last platinum trophy though. Maybe one of the uncharted games???

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@boxrekt said:

For the defectors and damage controllers screaming, "bu but this is old tech" and "bu but PC already do this"


Here is a clip of random responses from a thread created LAST MONTH after Mark Cerny announced no loading as an ambition for PS5.

PS5 to officially do away with loading screens

@kadin_kai said:

Haha I am certain loading screens are here to stay for the next couple of years.

@getyeryayasout said:

Sounds too good to be true, but even so, if they can cut them down significantly I'll be thrilled.

@BassMan said:

Even playing games with an NVMe SSD and a powerful CPU on PC does not get rid of load times. So, he is full of shit. Assets and data need to be loaded and processed. That shit takes time and will not be eliminated completely.

@Archangel3371 said:

Well good luck with that.

@Pedro said:

Loading screens or hard loading is and has always been dependent on the developer.

@Bread_or_Decide said:

Nope, and 60fps and 4k will NOT be standard on all games.

@Alucard_Prime said:

An ambitious but difficult goal to meet. The internal SSD should be very nice but Im using an external SSD on my X and while it has significantly reduced loading times on many games, the benefit is sometimes negated by the fact that high res textures require more loading. The 4K native games that are open word really benefit from the SSD.

Definitely a good goal to have though, I hate loading screens and SSD is awesome I put all my main games on it now.

@xantufrog said:

That's not possible.

@ArchoNils2 said:

There will always be loading screens (well unless you can put the whole game into the Ram I guess?), they just might be shorter or longer depending on how well a game is coded. If the dev sucks like the Anthem team, there will loading screens


And there's 5 more pages after that....

Damn what happened since this thread was posted just a month ago guys? 🤣🤣🤣

According to hermits and lems, JUST LAST MONTH it was:

Suddenly, EVERY game uses this same tech and PC already has no loading times???

The difference a month makes huh? Hindsight is a bi*ch.

Now carry on the damage control PC plebs and follow the leader xbox fanboys.


What about loading the game up? Will there be a loading screen for example like GTA loading screen?

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@boxrekt said:

Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 5 will set a new bar for consoles. So far, gamers expect a solid-state drive (SSD), ray tracing support, 8K resolution graphics, and possibly even a companion wireless virtual reality headset. All of these premium hardware features will help the PS 5 compete with increasingly alluring cloud gaming services. And it looks like Sony has even more where that came from.

In fact, it looks like the PS 5 will attempt to make loading screens a thing of the past. This is according to a recent continuation patent filed by Sony and which was granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office on Tuesday. The latest version of the patent describes how a future gaming system could split up game environments into various segments to enable smooth loading transitions.

If it performs as described, then gamers could smoothly move to any in-game area without having the game pause to boot up another map.

A visual representation of how the patent describes splitting a game map into various segments and pre-loading all adjacent areas players move to different places on the map.

Sony’s new system achieves this by splitting games up into a kind of jigsaw puzzle. Whenever a player steps into one of the pieces, or areas, the adjacent pieces will load automatically in the background in case the player chooses to travel in that direction. Here’s a summary of the patent:

“A system and method are disclosed for dynamically loading game software for smooth game play. A load boundary associated with a game environment is identified. A position of a character in the game environment is then monitored. Instructions corresponding to a next game environment are loaded into a memory when the character crosses the load boundary, such that game play is not interrupted.”

A loading screen means one of a few different things. Sometimes, it means that the console is transferring data from the hard disk memory to the console’s random access memory (RAM), which may be what renders your graphics. It might also mean the console is freeing up used RAM to use in the next level or stage. Current consoles and games have already come a long way toward eliminating wait times, but Sony promises to optimize this loading process even further.

The feature seems pretty likely. Not only does the continuation patent suggest Sony has been developing the technology for some time, but other companies have already achieved similar feats. Rockstar’s latest title, Red Dead Redemption 2, eliminated mid-game loading screens with a variation of this technique.

Eliminating loading screens could also pay serious dividends, particularly in games like Fallout 4, which remain rife with loading screens every time gamers enter a building or city. Other under-the-hood improvements will help Sony ensure game play is entirely seamless and immersive.

The PS 5’s solid state drive and next generation random access memory tech (dubbed GDDR6 RAM) will both make reading, writing, and editing information on the console faster than ever before. GDDR6 RAM, in particular, will be relevant to the problem of background loading as well.

GDDR6 RAM will succeed the GDDR5 RAM found in current-generation consoles. The new system will almost double the data transfer speed and improve its information processing to handle bigger loads. All of that will result in gamers spending far less time staring at a still image, and far more time exploring virtual worlds.


Sony working smarter not harder.

This isn't done on a game by game status, it's an internal system level technology.

Another benefit of having a system built specifically for gaming rather than having a bunch of individual parts thrown together.

If you thought Sony couldn't deal with the issue of loading times based on your so called PC knowledge:

This is how open world games have worked for quite some time. lol It loads the area you are looking at.

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@npiet1: that would be easy. Also SSDs are getting cheaper than ever. I can turn settings to low like consoles and run 4K.

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@boxrekt: what are your specs? Continue to play low to medium settings and I’ll play on ultra. Lol

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@boxrekt: you are being delusional. I have a Pro and PCs. There is NO game on PS4 that looks as good as Some of the PC games. You can’t just say fact and make it fact. Lol I get it though...PC isn’t for everyone and especially start up costs of building a high end rig. Also you are failing to mention settings in game where most multiplat games are set with mainly medium and some low settings while I can crank mine up to ultra.

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@boxrekt: is this a joke??? PC will always be ahead. The next gen systems can’t compete with my current. Lol

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@henrythefifth said:

Back on PS2 era, PCs were still the ultimate gaming machine.

And every respectable gamer had powerful gaming PC. Even those that had PS2 or Gamecube.

(I had both of those consoles, yet did most gaming on PC.)

On 360/PS3 era, consoles became equals to PCs. You no longer needed PC, as your 360 could run all those big games such as Oblivion and GTAIV totally fine (and with less crashes!).

And on this era, consoles became better than PCs. Way better.

So, consoles have finally become the ultimate gaming machines, and gaming PCs have become niche, a dying species.

Even serious, competitive gamers rather play Fortnite and like on PS4 than on their laptop!

So. consoles won the long war. This is a fact, and there is no point arguing it, PC fans. It is a fact.

Anyways, did you see this coming?

Back in the day, when consoles were still weak and had no hard drives, could you ever imagine that one day consoles would be better and more powerful gaming machines than PCs?? More affordable too!

Because I did not see it coming. I thought consoles might one day be equal to PCs, but I'd never had guessed they could totally trounce gaming PCs in so definite manner as they have done this gen.

You literally just say that consoles have become way better than PCs and say it is fact which makes you look dumb but provide no evidence. This is a trolling post just to get PC gamers upset. You also say consoles as being more powerful...they will never be more powerful than top of the line PCs as the consoles use PC vendors to manufacture parts for their consoles. Tell me when a console could come close to either one of my PCs. Maybe a couple gens from now.

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@npiet1 said:
@kali-b1rd said:
@npiet1 said:

@kali-b1rd: by games you mean crappy Indies and if any are even decent the come to console now anyway. I'll give you mods but I never used them anyway.

I mean yea if youre a tunnel visioned shallow specimen maybe.

What do you get exclusive on xbox.

Oh that's right... nothing.

Oh yeah such great indies that all belong in the 16-bit era.

What AAA even AA exclusives do you get on PC these days?

Oh that's right none, just port begging.

The PC gets everything the Xbox does, plus some exclusives and has the best looking multiplats.

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@npiet1 said:

@rmpumper: Yeah but the point is. I could buy a ps5 and Xbox instead of upgrading my PC to the same level.

Um...no you couldn't. You know nothing about PCs if you are saying this. For the price of buying a PS5 AND Xbox, you could have a PC that could outperform them.