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    343 is really out of touch with what the community wants, huh?

  • -HaloHitman- wrote a review of Final Fantasy VII Remake.
    User Rating 9
    This is how you do a remake

    The first thing that struck me while playing FFVII: Remake is how much heart it has. From the interactions between the characters to the Midgar vistas that are accompanied by the game’s main th...

  • -HaloHitman- wrote a review of Persona 5 Royal.
    User Rating 10
    Take your heart…again

    The saying across the internet goes, “your favorite Persona game is the first one you play”, and rightfully so; I don’t know who came up with this statement but it’s pretty ac...

  • -HaloHitman- wrote a review of DOOM Eternal.
    User Rating 9
    Hell on Earth

    With 2016’s Doom, fans new and old could all agree that the game was a surprise hit. Doom Eternal continues that trend all while making it bigger and more badass. Eternal takes place sometime a...

  • -HaloHitman- wrote a review of Bleeding Edge.
    User Rating 6
    A Dull Edge

    It’s not hard to see many of the promising things Bleeding Edge is putting on display. This third-person team-brawler features 4v4 multiplayer action with 12 characters to choose that range fro...

  • -HaloHitman- wrote a review of Ori and the Will of the Wisps.
    User Rating 9
    Welcome back little one

    Ori and the Blind Forest was one of 2015’s stand-out games. Five years later Ori return’s. Bringing the charm, tight platforming, and wonderful art direction that made the original so spe...

  • -HaloHitman- wrote a review of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.
    User Rating 9
    Going Dark…Again

    Call of Duty’s had its ups and downs in terms of quality over the past few years. As the setting and gameplay became ever-more futuristic a large portion of gamers were yearning for a return to...

  • -HaloHitman- wrote a review of Borderlands 3.
    User Rating 8
    Back to the Wastes

    It’s been quite awhile since a proper Borderlands title has graced players. Depending on how you view it, there hasn’t been a game since 2013’s Pre-Sequel. Despite this, the series ...

  • -HaloHitman- wrote a review of Wolfenstein: Youngblood.
    User Rating 6
    Sister, Sister

    Going into Wolfenstein: Youngblood was something I was looking forward to. The series as of late has been nothing more than fun with its over-the-top action, set pieces and storytelling. Even the sta...

  • -HaloHitman- wrote a review of Days Gone.
    User Rating 7
    Fun Gone?

    Days Gone feels like a game from a different time. A time when zombie games where hitting their peak in terms of pop culture relevance. The end result is a product that feels somewhat dated.Set in th...

  • -HaloHitman- wrote a review of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.
    User Rating 9
    Way of the Wolf

    From Software’s recent games over the past ten years have garnered widespread acclaim from critics and players. Ushering in a quasi-genre of its own suitably titled “soulsborne” by ...

  • -HaloHitman- wrote a review of Crackdown 3.
    User Rating 5
    Same Old Song and Dance

    It’s no surprise that Crackdown 3 has had its fair share of delays since its first announcement at Microsoft’s E3 conference in 2014. During this time the prospect of new technology and ad...

  • -HaloHitman- wrote a review of Red Dead Redemption 2.
    User Rating 10

    Rockstar Games’s known for their impeccable attention to detail, high production value and immersive worlds. With Red Dead Redemption 2 Rockstar has made their most immersive game yet.Set in 189...

  • -HaloHitman- wrote a review of Hitman 2.
    User Rating 8

    Familiarity isn’t a bad thing. Such is the case of Hitman 2, the sequel to 2016’s episodic soft-reboot. Hitman 2 carries over important game mechanics from its predecessor while slightly ...

  • -HaloHitman- wrote a review of Marvel's Spider-Man.
    User Rating 9

    Spider-Man is one of pop-culture’s most iconic characters alongside such big names as Batman and Superman. He’s had his fair share of video games – some good, some bad – throu...

  • -HaloHitman- wrote a review of The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series - The Final Season Episode 1: Done Running.
    User Rating 7

    Here we are. The final season of Telltale’s take on The Walking Dead. Over the past three seasons, we have seen friendships lost, death, betrayal, and much more. All through the eyes of a littl...

  • -HaloHitman- wrote a review of Detroit: Become Human.
    User Rating 7

    Detroit: Become Human’s take on the human condition of, and around androids is one of many highs and lows of the game.Set in a near-future Detroit, a company called Cyberlife produces androids ...

  • -HaloHitman- wrote a review of God of War.
    User Rating 10

    It’s not easy renovating a franchise, but that’s exactly what Sony Santa Monica has done. God of War takes things that worked, and didn’t, in previous entries while ushering it into ...

  • -HaloHitman- wrote a review of Sea of Thieves.
    User Rating 6

    I was searching for a treasure with my crew on a small island. After many minutes sailing the seas, we finally found the location where the buried treasure was hidden. As we started digging, the scri...

  • -HaloHitman- wrote a review of Batman: The Enemy Within - Episode 5: Same Stitch.
    User Rating 8

    Telltale’s final episode of The Enemy Within takes the characters developed in previous episodes and throws impactful and emotional moments at them.Episode five’s main focus is, of course,...