This game saves the deceased dreamcast

User Rating: 8 | Power Stone DC
Power Stone can be compared to Super Smash bros, fun, simple and fun. Your objective is to get the Power Stones and being more powerful you can use the specials attacks, the battlefield is large, you move to where you want to grab things and use the scenario to make combos, even though the game is based on the anime of the same name but you dont need to watch to understand the game. The weaknesses of the game in my opinion is the small number of characters available, and the vargas is much stronger than you and take two bars of your life easily with one attack. Power Stone is a great classic for dreamcast and you must play before you die.

Comment: Power stone looks like Dragon Ball Z, Wangtang becomes a Super Saiyan when he achieves the threes power stones and one of your specials attacks looks like genkidama XD