A brilliant beat 'em up;who says isometric fighters are dead?

User Rating: 9.5 | Power Stone DC
31 December 2004,11:55;I was in Florida at my Grandad's house,playing Power Stone.That's right,POWER STONE.I was playing my uncle's Dreamcast,without a care in the world,kick Gunrock's head in using swords,shotguns,bazzokas,hammers[I think........]benchs and missle launchers.I was taking the suprisingly good graphics,exceptional framerate and dynamic,bold sound.I did'nt need real humans;I had Falcon.Collecting,and more importantly,using,the gems,was satisfying time after time after time.You temporarily transform in a more powerful version of your self,so thrasing the enemy does'nt get boring.For instance,when Falcon transforms,he becomes a Megaman-esque killing machince,capable of taking street lights out of the ground and unleashing barrages of seeker missles!A remake of this should of been made years ago.My peace,playing this masterpiece is shattered by everyone yelling,"Happy New Year!!!"