The Game has charm, but lacks the real features and MMORPG needs.

User Rating: 5.8 | PlaneShift PC
Now planeshift is completely free, so i have taken this into account. Planeshift is really strictly average. On the good side its got charming towns to explore, detailed characters and many features. It also has some great visuals. On the bad side it feels poorly made, with awful walkig animations, text which does not fit in text boxes and many "Coming Soon" parts, planeshift still needs to be finished before it is released to the public in my opinion. It should still be in closed beta stages. Also another problem is not many people play it, the towns and landscpaes are quite often empty, and in 1 hour you will likely only see 5 other people, now i know this is not down to the game but its still a fault. All in all if you want a free mmo to pass a few hours then this is good, but its nothing to jump out of your seat out of, anarchy online is now free and thats a much better game.

Planeshift is better than:

Worse than:
Anarchy online