Well, it's free and fun, what else you need?

User Rating: 8 | PlaneShift PC
Gameplay: The movement is easy, but you need to learn how to use game commands to succed in PlaneShif world, you can customize your commands to your needs. If you are a newbie, I'll recommend you to find a mentor who can teach you how to use the commands. You can buy many weapons, special ones, also armor, magic and skills (there are many skills for many uses).

Graphics: Cool graphics, it's a free game, we can't spect more.

Sound: Nice music for a free game, ambient and sound fx are good.

Value: You should try it, it's free and fun, the world is giant, sometimes you can get lost, if you die, you'll appear in the death realm and you'll have to find the way out to the normal world, a MMRPG you can't pass away without a try.