Although still in its Pre-Alpha stages, its not surprising that this 100% free MMORPG is popular in the RPing community.

User Rating: 9.5 | PlaneShift PC
This is it, the game for all those who don't want to spend money to have fun!
Planeshift is still a working progress but you can tell its going to be No.1 in the Role Playing community. It is already showing signs of complete uniqueness and fun.

What really amazes me is that people do this in there spare time and there not charging one bit. So there's no game fee or monthly fee, and it will NEVER charge so there's nothing to lose.

Of course its still very much in development and will be for some time so don't expect anything to fancy. I am sure that one day this game is going to be on everyones computers simply because its multi-platformed!

Now all we have to do is play the waiting game...