The Best Game in This Style

User Rating: 10 | Path of Exile (Open Beta) PC

No doubt Diablo was a revolutionary game, create an entire style of games Diablo II is even more famous, but after it everyone was waiting for the new addictive dungeon crawler that would be able to keep its legacy. I have to say that not only Path of Exile is good enough for that, but was the best game I played in this style. The incredible amount of builds we can do, the skill allocation method, importance of equipment synergy gave this game great depth.

I have some issues with its story, but the story was never the hallmark of those games. This was one of the games I played the most in my life, I just kept creating characters and playing it again. Not to mention the game is free to play and its cash shop doesn't give any special advantage to any player. I hope they find the energy to make a sequel, maybe selling it this time, so they could put even more energy into it.