A good game but it could be better

User Rating: 7 | Path of Exile (Open Beta) PC

Well I spent roughly twelve hours on this game before I lost interest. This game in my humble opinion is missing the major elements on why to even play this genre at all. And those reasons are pacing and story. Without this the hack n slash genre devolves into a mindless mash fest and a waste of time.

Diablo 1 is still the best game in the ARPG genre, it included survival horror by restricting the players movement to walking, good pacing, story and music. The loot and the hack n slash gameplay were there to compliment the story (not the other way around). The reason people wanted to play Diablo 1 was not because they wanted to acquire loot, but because they wanted to reach the depths of hell and stick a axe into Diablo's head and win the game. The loot was just an interesting element which added to the game but it didn't drive the game.

In the Path of Exile, none of these qualities are present. The game is essentially about mashing and acquiring loot and character customization. It really is more or less a Diablo 2 clone but it didn't take any of the main qualities of DIablo 1. Diablo 2 really is a bastardization of the original idea of D1. But it did at least still retain "some" of the soul of its predecessor. But the Path of Exile is even more technically and mechanically minded than Diablo 2 with over contrived skill menus and item customization. Technically the game is sound and just as good as Diablo 2 in that respect but it still doesn't have any truly creative minds putting an element of a soul into it. And this is why in my opinion the game devolves into a waste of time.

In terms of combat, well Diablo III has it beaten on that front. Diablo III in that respect is a modern Action RPG with physics and interesting combat animations and special effects. POE has very repetitive and mundane animations with interesting spell effects. I mean really the game looks good visually but it isn't anywhere close to having the same quality in the animations and physics department as Diablo III.


If you're the type of player who enjoys loot hoarding and character customization above all else, then by all means try this game. I've seen plenty of players who have spent hundreds of hours on this game. For the players who are looking for an interesting adventure, then still try the game out (it's Free). There should be more F2P games of this quality instead of the usual mundane Pay 2 Win MMORPGs with large cash shops (which I would probably rate as a 4/10 or something). Personally I didn't get what I was looking for from this title although I do still recognize it's a good loot fest.