Jury is still out. There are things Iove about the game, and some things I absolutely hate.

User Rating: 8.5 | Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising X360
I've played this about 4 hours, so there is still much to be discovered. There are a few Love/hate relationships in the game so far. Your AI will intelligently storm a building, finding alternative ground level doors before storming, checking rooms, looking through windows etc. However, sometimes one guy in your squad will run around like a chicken or will simply NOT go where you tell them too.

Driving the APC is cool and gunning is fun. Its a driving version of the COD4 Gunship. Getting your guys INTO the APC, not cool. You need 3 people to function in the APC, a commander, a driver, and a gunner. the other squad member sits in the back transport. Well sometimes when you tell your guys to get in the vehicle, two of them will sit in the back. I have no idea how to get guys to switch seats while in the vehicle or if its even possible. But i shouldn't have to do that neways. So I have to get out of the APC, tell them to follow, then tell them to all get back in again. Its a roll of the dice on if they'll all jump in the correct seats.

You can switch between seats if you want to gun or drive etc. Problem is, whatever seat you're in, you have a moron controlling the other aspects. You want to gun and have the other guy drive? No problem, just be aware that he will drive 1 mph and can't navigate around a hay bail. you want to drive and have him gun? can do, just be aware he probably won't shoot at a .50 caliber mounted jeep 30 feet in front of him.

The end of the 3rd campaign where you have to defend the beach town in the APC was freaking INSANE hard. I died 15 times and have never been so mad at a game in all my life. But it wasn't so hard because of the enemies, it was hard because of my moronic AI squad members.

That being said, this game is still cool. The guns are great and calling in artillery strikes is freaking sweet. I would def. rent it first. (which i did) and if you think you'll like it enough to continue on, then i think you'll be pleased.