"If it wasnt for the too many annoying little crappy things, it could have been a fantastic game!"

User Rating: 7 | Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising X360
Mixed feelings for sure. Been playing the 1st Operation Flashpoint like crazy back in the old days and back then I also had these little issues against the game. History repeated it self for sure with this version.

It can be the little things that start to annoy you so much that you almost start hating a game while playing. Theres too many in this game, I cant even mention them all. So let me tell you a few of the biggest annoying parts of the game I got annoyed by.

For instance:

The biggest annoy part was it's AI. Your more busy into keeping your team mates alive instead of focussing on your own. Standing there snuggled up together against a wall while 20 enemies come for us wasnt much of a help, pissed me off big time and made me lose the campaign too many times. Its not like you have much time to fix this while being under fire. When I order them to move or follow me, I expect them to take cover and fight back when being attacked from a covering position. Brothers in Arms is one game that does very well in AI co-op gaming. This game seriously sux with its AI.

While driving a vehicle, you cant look around you but only straight forward. They give you some more slack with looking around while being a passenger but still not the full 360. What were they thinking while designing this? I need to look around while driving/flying.

Mounting and climbing objects doesnt make sense. You need to mount rocks or objects that aint higher than your knee-hight. Just walk over it,... get rid of the mounting stuff and only mount when it above the knee-hight.

Another thing that caught my attention was its communication. "Enemy wearing big blue pyjamas with MacD stains on bikini-line is eliminated...." Geez,... the sentences are just soooo long. "Enemy spotted", "Enemy down" is more than enough and put some tension in that voice. Some action and excitement. They talk like theyre high on marijuana. When Im shot at, Im tensed and not in a Snoop Dog chilling mood.

Weapons,... well, ... I reckon it would have been nicer to have some more scopes out there. The worlds are big and most of the time I never see the enemy cos its too far to see without a scope IF you manage to distinguish the enemy from your own army. Which was a bit too hard in my opinion. They should have designed some darker clothing for the enemy. Just for the game play. But then comes the firing. It seriously annoyed me that I needed a full mag and sometimes more than one to take out an enemy standing next to me when in return they kill you in one single shot. That seriously is so annoying.

I also seem to have issues with connecting to MP servers. I think you should always be able to jump in an already running game to keep the servers full and the MP games 'alive'.

I expected a lot more from this game and got to say there are some serious unprofessional issues there. I still think its worth at least a 7 but for sure they could have gotten so much more by just a few tiny adjustments.

Millions, big companies, many people,... how come they miss these issues?