Interesting game - spent good time with my daughter but the game is boring

User Rating: 6 | NUBLA 2 PS4

I tried this game because I wanted something short to beat. Based on review it may take no longer than 3 hours and it has an easy Platinum trophy to gain (there are just 3 trophies that can be missed.

The game is good in term of the story and what you learnt through the way. You will enjoy most of the game is you like art / painters.

However, there are parts that can take you few minutes to get through and some are pointless. I mean, there are three chapters and the third was crazy going to want place to another, back and forth. Each mission has a trophy that can be missed, the second chapter needs to jump out of a boat in the very beginning, the third needs to read three books when getting to the library (or sort of a library), and in chapter 4, needs to be very aware about pressing in X just after completing the third chapter.

The gameplay is bad. Not hard to play but no fluent.

The developers did a great job, however, it feels that a lot of story but short in budget to develop a game.