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NUBLA 2 Cheats For PlayStation 4

  1. Trophies

    There are 22 bronze trophies, 3 silver trophies, 6 gold trophies, and 1 platinum trophy.

    You have watched the Cabaret show. After hours
    You have set the clocks correctly. Always in time
    You have completed the game. Back Home
    You have activated the train. Choo-choo
    You have chosen the ism that you will play with. Choosing your Avatar
    You have read all the books of the library. Compulsive reader
    You have obtained the pigment to paint the birds. Cooking blue
    You have run into the Indians for the second time. Déjà vu
    You have used the ism's power for the first time. Discover your power
    You have jumped just in time in the waterfall. Fiuuuu, by the skin of your teeth
    You have activated the longest cycle of the city's history. Flux capacitor
    Chapter 1 starts. Life in the Border
    You have painted the Moon Lights out
    You have exited from the Woods of Dreams. Lost in the Woods
    You have escaped from the spider. Madame Spider
    Chapter 4 starts. Memories' Suitcase
    You have turned off the surveillance console. Null Reference
    Your ism has gone and you have been left on your own. One hundred years of solitude…
    You have left the brush in the Revolving House. One last thing…
    You have fallen into the first gap of the dock. Overboard
    Platinum Platinum
    You have survived the storm. Sweeping the desert
    Chapter 3 starts. The City in the Center of the World
    Chapter 0 starts. The City of the Isms
    All the valves are ready to transfer the paint. The color flows again
    You have reached the limits of reality. The Finite Cycle
    You have used the puddle as an entrance to the other world. The rabbit's warren
    You have immersed the tower in the water. The Sunken City of Ys
    Chapter 2 starts. The World of the Dreams
    You have used the flower of time for the first time. Time Travelling
    You have gotten on the truck. To be a first class driver
    You have activated the Titan. Winding up

    Contributed by: Kelayr