Just like on the xbox just easier. Good introduction for Ninja Gaiden on the DS.

User Rating: 9 | Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword DS
Ninja Gaiden DS takes place shortly after the Dark Dragon Blade incident from the console versions of the ninja gaiden series. If you know anything about the previous ninja gaidens then you will have no problem playing this game and understanding the story. You play as two character Ryu and Momiji( a female ninja/maiden). You play only one act as Momiji but then later can unlock her through a secret. You continue the story in the fight against fiends to undue the great deed on the dark dragon. You play the main story as Ryu questing for dark dragon stones to help story the work of the evil fiends.

The game offers fast action fighting and swordplay to the DS using the stylus. Both movement and attacks are done with the stylus making it easy to play through the game. You can do all the movements that you expect from the console versions, throwing kunai,wall scaling,wall jumping and essence chops.

Learning the game can take anywhere from 10-20 minutes to get the feel of the game. You can find all the fights to be quite easy until you make it to a boss. The boss battles can be quite challenging and what you expect from the typical ninja gaiden game. Though there are no extra blades like in the previous console versions of ninja gaiden, you do get things such as bows. You will be able to utilize the bow and the sword as well as kunai to take down all the big and tough bosses.

One good feature in this game is online scoreboards. Thought its tough to get on the scoreboards you will feel really good to make it to that level of success.

Completing the game on certain difficulties will allow you view bonus content and allow you to play the game on harder game modes. Also there are these secret birds in the game that you must listen for and kill using the DS mic, if you find them all you can unlock things such as artwork and lots more.

Well thats the end of my review. Be sure to check out Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword,it has good replay value and can be bought for about 30 bucks.