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Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword Cheats For DS

  1. The Way of Kunoichi

    To play through the entire game as Momiji, first complete one playthrough and then start a new game on any difficulty. Survive the fight with Ryu and successfully defeat the dragon boss. A new difficulty will be unlocked - The Way of Kunoichi. Begin a new game to access it. The difficulty level is the same as Normal mode and the only difference is that you have to buy the Izuna Drop.

    Contributed by: Arkrex 

  2. Happy Birthday from Team Ninja

    If you have set the DS to your birthday, you will get a special "Happy Birthday" sound effect when you start the game! Instead of the usual sound effect when you tap the start screen, you'll hear one of the characters yell out "Happy Birthday!"

    Contributed by: amityville27 

  3. Clear game benefits

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat the game once. Artwork
    Beat the game once. Hard difficulty level
    Beat the game on hard (Head Ninja) difficulty Master Ninja mode
    Beat the normal difficulty mode for the first time. Muramasa's prize shop

    Contributed by: sephirosuy, PerfectHeadshot 

  4. Wood Amulet Rewards

    Collecting wood amulets will allow you to unlock additional content accessed in the "Prizes" section of the main menu. There are three different types of rewards that a wood amulet can unlock, depending on its number: character bios, replays of cutscenes (called "memoirs" in-game) and secret character diaries, as described below:

    Collect a wood amulet with a number less than 16. Character bio
    Collect a wood amulet with a number greater than 36. Character diary
    Collect a wood amulet with a number between 16 and 36 (inclusive) Cutscene replay (memoir)

    Contributed by: e_Z_752 

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