Prepare for the most HONEST review.

User Rating: 7.5 | NHL 2K10 WII
$59.99 with WiiMotion+ is worth it.

Yeah, you're contemplating getting the game. You want it, its hockey! Yet, you're scared because:
1) Its a "Wii game"
2) You're scared that it'll be worse than the last. (or just as bad)

Whatever your paranoia is: DON'T WORRY!

I'll be honest. I traded in REALLY good games to get NHL 2k10 on the Wii. I felt buyers remorse as soon as the transaction was complete....but once i got home, i was eating my words.

NHL2k10 is a fantastic game, and heres why:

Its not EA's NHL10 with board play and facewashing ect. Its NOT pick up and play. It'll take you a while to get a feel for the controls and Wiimotion+. It feels like a REAL hockey game, without the fancy HD graphics.

The game is absolutely PACKED with features. It lets you choose what way you want to pass whether its pointing, joystick passing, or flicking your wii remote in the direction you want.

Once you're on the ice you'll notice that this game is a HUGE upgrade from NHL2k9. The players have more animations, the commentary is improved and the game runs much smoother. You'll probably want to tweek the sliders to make the game faster (default settings is snail speed)

Graphics: The Graphics in NHL2k10 are much better than 2k9. More face detail, jersey dynamics and the ice is much nicer. The crowd is 2D. It actually looks empty. Considering that your attention is being drawn to the ice you probably wont care about what the crowd looks like. Overall the Graphics simply look better...although i wouldnt look TOO closely =P

Controls: Controls are NOT pick up and play! It will take you a few tries until you get the kinks out. I will guarantee you wont even be able to take a slapshot without reading the instructions.

Wii Motion Plus is a great addition, the controls are much more responsive and the manual deking is pretty cool.

Multiplayer: This game shines in Online play. It is virtually lag free and the game runs as smooth as a babies ass. The only downfall of the Multiplayer is the fact that there are friend codes again. You can only use Wiispeak with registered friends.

Final Notes: 2k10 is a fantastic game. I would recommend it to any wii owners. Of course, if you have a 360 or PS3 you should get NHL10. DO NOT GET 2k10 FOR 360 or PS3!! You will deeply regret it.