the improved graphics, smoother gameplay and depth of gameplay modes make it an amazing step forward from 2k9

User Rating: 10 | NHL 2K10 WII
The NHL 2k10 for the wii is one big step forward from the 2k9 version. The menus are MUCH more easier to navigate than in the 2k9, the gameplay is much smoother, the ON-NICE graphics are comparable to a late PS2 game although unfortunately the same cannot be said for the off ice graphics (mainly the crowd which is 2d and stationary at times). I however believe that this can be overlooked since the arena outlines are quite nice and the jumbotron animations and pregame intros ontop of the really good on-nice graphics are alright. One of the biggest headaches i had with the 2k9 was the difficulty in navigating the menus which was fixed and the constant freezing which I have not experienced yet and am hoping will not become a problem.

2k10 takes another step forward from 2k9 for the wii with the introduction of the mii superskills compeition, online play, the more in depth franchise mode and you have the ability to jump right into a playoff gameplay mode which i don't believe was possible in the 2k9 version.

I know for a fact that NHL 2K9 isn't even close to comparing to EA Sports NHL 10 so I will say if you have 360 or PS3 then get the NHL 10 but if you have the wii get NHL 2K10 because you can tell right from the onset they made this game with wii users in mind and really took their time unlike 2k9. In fact there are some reviews on the net stating that the NHL 2K10 game was mainly made for the wii and the game suffers on the other consoles b/c of that. The so-so graphics are decent for the wii but people play the wii for gameplay and not really graphics so dont expect amazing graphics but nonetheless the gameplay is superb which is the most important thing in a wii game so I'd recommend it in a heartbeat.