Another great Wii sports game

User Rating: 7.5 | NHL 2K10 WII
Well the Wii is now superior in sports game with the new addition of Wii motion plus. We already have Grand Slam Tennis and Tiger Woods 10 from EA which were incredibly fun mainly because of the Wii motion plus and the large amount of modes. Although 2k has released MLB 2k9 and BIGS 2 for Wii, no 2k game has used Wii motion plus yet. NHL 2k10 is promising with Wii speak accesibility, all the modes that the 360 and ps3 version have (with an extra Mii skills competition), and Wii motion plus.


The game is one of the most packed game ever seen on the Wii. The game includes full online play with auto online sign in, sliders, franchise, season, Mii superstar competition, quick game, create a player and create a team and a few other features. It is packed and probably the most full featured Wii sports game. Also returning is the zamboni minigame.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics are improved from NHL 2k9 Wii, but it's nothing amazing. The graphics do look better then 2k9 though. Player models look more fine tuned, has better animations and includes some nice ice effects. It runs about at a steady 30fps and I didn't notice any huge slow down. The crowd definetly needs some improvement and most the time it looked like an empty stadium. The sound is well done with some accurate play by play and the crowd is enthusiastic.

The gameplay is strong in this game. It supports many different types of controls, such as Wii-mote sideways, Wii-mote and nunchuk, classic controller and it includes Wii motion plus compatibility. The Wii motion plus is the best by far which makes you able to poke check easily, have 1 to 1 stick handling, wind up for large slap shots and control your speed. The online is a little glitchy sometimes, but it sure is fun and is Wii speak accesible.