NHL 2000 is probably one of the best hockey games ever made period.

User Rating: 9.2 | NHL 2000 (Classics) PS
Ea's NHL series has made some pretty bad games the last few years, the most recent game hasn't been good, NHL 2004 was overshadowed by ESPN's game and NHL 2003 was just plain bad. If you think about EA's NHL series you'll usually think back around the late 90's when the series was in it's prime. I'm Andrew Hale and I'm here to review probably one of the best hockey games ever made and probably EA's best NHL game ever, NHL 2000. Although this game has heavy competition it rose like a raging bull and plowed through it's NHL competition. The thing most people noticed is the speed, the game was so quick paced and concentrated most on offence, which the new NHL games lack. If you had a quick player like Paul Kariya you can score right off the facoff by winning the faceoff to your winger, and bursting right between the 2 defenders and deking out the goalie. If you were a smart gamer in 2000 then you'll know that puting the puck at the net was the best way to score and NHL 2000 shows that with its superb gameplay. This game also features tons of camera angles, so if you like to see from the jumbotron you can look down on youre players, or you can just look from the booth like a broadcaster. Also there was an instant replay feature, so you can replay and save superb plays by your best plays. Also the game featured alot of modes to choose from, like the season mode, the exhibition mode (quick game), tournament mode, shootout mode, playoff modes and more. In the end this game will be remembered for its speed, brutal hits, sheer entertainment and most inportantly ... fun.