This brings back some memories

User Rating: 9.4 | NHL 2000 (Classics) PS
i cant believe i forgot to write a review of one of my favourite playstation games and although i sold it ages ago (stupidly) i can still remember the hours spent playing this awesome game.
this is the first game that got me into ice hockey because it was instantly a suprisingly fun game, and although i totally suck at games like fifa i was a master at this.
so after reminiscing lets talk about the features of the game, the graphics for its time were top notch and the gameplay was so easy to pick up that it was nearly a plug in and play game .
The fun never stopped in this game whether if it was from the fact that triangle was the designated BIG HIT button or when you scored you could rub salt into your opponents wounds by making annoying sounds like the kind of things mario would do "YAHOO".
another fun factor was that you could change the rules so you could completely smash the hell out of the other team or that you could trigger a fight which is still a popular feature of many new hockey games.
to sum up then nhl 2000 deserves to be in the hall of fame for sports games because even if you buy it now you wont be able to stop playing.