Hockey 4eva.

User Rating: 9 | NHL 2000 (Classics) PS
Okay found this and had some really crazy flashbacks from years ago. It was my friend, it was me, it was this game.

The gameplay is rock solid and it works like a charm, the controls, music, crowd, camera.. Flawless hockey atmosphere.

You can go on a franchise mode and lift the cup over your head and then get real drunk or just have a nice little exhibition game. Rosters are, oh well, were up-to-date and it had some international teams too with some wacky names in the roster of the smaller teams like Japan and Italy. But nevertheless to a hockey fan it was just great.

The game delivers great multiplayer fun, and great single player fun. It's a game that one can still after nine years slam into the PSone and just ENJOY giving big-hits and deking that one last defender. After you play it 100+ hours you'll notice that the game gets easy but hey, it's still hockey.