This is what we lost NFL Street for?!

User Rating: 2.5 | NFL Tour X360
It is completely ridiculous that EA Tiburon decided to put a nix on the NFL Street series, officially or unofficially, for a game like this. The offense is completely, pathetically easy, the defense is damn near non-existent, and the graphics make me want to say, "Next Gen?". The commentary is a joke, and even suggesting Trey Wingo for it should get someone fired. The NFL Street games had taken a big fall to be sure with the same game being cranked out and all, but that's not to say that it couldn't be fixed instead of replaced. EA Tiburon should be ashamed for the simple fact that the gamers expect so much better out of you people. Madden sure as hell picked it up this year, but someone, or many people were sleeping on the job on this one. Pink slips all around I hope if this happens again.